Kai Greene’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

From being a person who could not even afford his gym fees to becoming a world famous body IFBB bodybuilder has made a notable achievement in his life. Kai Greene set an outstanding example in the bodybuilding field, when he secured second position in Mr. Olympia 2012, at the age of 14. Today, he is one of the best bodybuilders present in the world and […]

Greg Plitt’s Workout Routine – Know the Secret behind His Fit and Toned Body

He is not just a fitness model but also a famous 2012 MET-Rx athlete of the year. He has been featured in several TV commercials, TV series and also in movies. We are talking about none other than Greg Plitt, who has thousands of fans all over the world for his completely toned body. Born in the USA, Greg started his career as a model, […]

Know About the Workout Routine of IFBB Famous Phil Heath

Phillip Jerrord Heath, aka, The Gift, was a basketball player at his high school. In the year 2002, he got attracted towards body building, but started his career as a body builder in 2005. At National Physique Committee (NPC), he won IFBB pro championship. This victory proved a stepping-stone in his career. Phil Heath a good basketball player and double majored in Business Administration, but […]

Get Six Packs with the Legendary Bruce Lee’s Inspirational Workout Routine

Bruce Lee’s awesome six packs increased his fan following. This “Enter the Dragon” star was known not just for his screen presence, but also for his prowess in martial arts. Bruce Lee was a world famous martial artist, an actor, a martial art teacher and the founder of Jeet Kune Do. He followed certain fitness workouts in his life that are still followed by many […]