Jen and Kelly McCarthy’s Weight Loss – How these twins swayed obesity?

Jen and Kelly McCarthy were just 28 when they suffered too much with obesity. Unhealthy eating habits made them hit 254 pounds by their graduation. But, with their hard work, they managed to reduce their weight to 163 pounds. Today, these twins are not just loved by men for their ceaseless hot look, but they also have many women followers from all over the world […]

Beyonce’s Successful Story of Losing 65 Pounds Post-Baby Weight

Shedding 65 pounds of post-baby weight and getting back into shape is not a simple task. When a celebrity does that, they set the right example for their followers and fans, guiding them towards a healthy living. Beyonce, a 33-years-old pop singer, reduced 60 pounds with a perfectly planned diet and amazed her fans with her new look. “I didn’t have a lot of time […]

From 183 to 118 Pounds: Jennifer Sierra’s Successful Weight Loss Story

Being the heaviest amongst the five siblings, Jennifer had always been under her mom’s scrutiny when it comes to diet and weight gain. Ever since she was 15, her mother strictly made her follow a healthy diet to control her weight. She tried cardio overload, short term diets, calorie counting, Quick Weight Loss Center, Atkins Diet, phentermine pills, Slim Fast, Herbal Life and many other […]

The Life Saving Weight Loss of Jeanenne Darden

It is a common story that how weight gain has caused sudden death of many. In this uncommon yet inspirational story, a woman named Jeanenne Darden survived severe valve regurgitation with strenuous efforts and confidence to lose weight. She fought against death with an amazing 40 pounds weight loss which was about 20 percent of her overall body weight. Image Source – “I was […]

Jaclyn Helling: The journey of transformation from Size 14 to Size 4!

Poor diet practice and munching in front of the TV had pushed Jaclyn to weigh 186 pounds at her twenties. She had this habit of snacking on like a couch potato from her childhood which continued even when she turned into an adult. Jaclyn lived in Kansas, and by November 2012 she was 186 pounds with a height of 5’7”. When a sudden doctor visit […]

Donesha Bolden – How to get life under control with a weight loss of 80 pounds?

From 220 lbs to 139 lbs, 34-year-old Donesha Bolden is an inspiration to everyone looking for a successful weight loss! Image Source: She moved to a teaching job in North Carolina, and her height was 5’3’’, but what kept her confidence low was the fact that she weighed around 220 pounds. It was not the size 24 dress she used to wear that made […]

From 310 lbs to 160 lbs: The Astonishing Weight Loss Story of Charita Smith

From being one among the most noted persons in the television for her dangerous 310 pounds weight to a successful Zumba instructor today, Charita Smith has become a weight loss icon. The 33-year-old once found it difficult to stand for longer hours and also suffered with severe back pain due to her overweight. At present, Smith is a role model and a renowned Zumba instructor […]

The Story of Christie Buie and Her 165 Pounds Weight Loss

41-year-old Christie Buie reduced more than 165 lbs. She weighed around 350 lbs and this was not long ago! By late 2011, Christie decided to bring her weight under control and took that first step ahead. Her current weight is $185 lbs. Read in detail how she gained control over her weight that completely transformed her life. Image Source : Christie Buie who was […]

Beth Chapman Weight Loss Secret Unveiled

Beth Chapman is the fifth wife of Dog the Bounty Hunter, Duane Chapman. Known for her plump figure, Beth has been featured on Playboy magazine’s cover. Beth Chapman’s weight loss success story is amazing. She has stirred up a storm in the U.S., everyone is keen to know how she lost weight and reduced her breasts to 42 inches, waist to 24 inches and hips […]

Secret behind Octavia Spencer’s Incredible Weight Loss Unleashed!

Octavia Spencer is a well known face of Hollywood. Her work in “The Help”is highly applaudable. No wonder, she has a great fan following. She had given an Oscar Awardwinning performance in the movie, but when it comes to putting off weight, she did it with her sincere efforts. Octavia Spencer’s weight loss is nothing short of an achievement for her. She is still in […]