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It is a common story that how weight gain has caused sudden death of many. In this uncommon yet inspirational story, a woman named Jeanenne Darden survived severe valve regurgitation with strenuous efforts and confidence to lose weight. She fought against death with an amazing 40 pounds weight loss which was about 20 percent of her overall body weight.

Jeanenne darden weight loss

“I was screaming, but they didn’t hear. I was fighting for my life,” she told Women’s Health magazine.

This is how Jeanenne begins as she recalls about the day that entirely changed her life. All throughout her life, Jeanenne had been a fit person. Her friends used to compliment her for how pretty she looked in her dresses. One day Jeanenne was making her way out from a sandbar along with her friends. She was riding with her daughter at her back when she realized that she was going underwater gasping for air.

Jeanenne tried to call out for help, but her friends were about 45 yards away from her. They couldn’t hear her calling out for help. Fortunately, one of her friends noticed her struggle. He pulled her on to the beach.

How life changed with cardiac disease?

Jeanenne was diagnosed with severe valve regurgitation in her heart. The doctors told that she had had congestive heart failure. Jeanenne could not believe that she is unfit, and her heart is weak. She had been a fit person and had undergone a natural childbirth at the age of 42 and 45. Even during pregnancy, she looked so slim, and her forearms were so slim that all her friends admired her.

It is exactly two days after she was diagnosed of cardiac disease; she had to go through a serious open heart surgery which was conducted to repair the mitral valve. Followed by an open heart surgery, she also had a clot of grapefruit size which caused more pain and severe trauma in her life. Jeanenne had to quit her exercise, and she gained more than 40 pounds. More than the physical scars, these incidents left her with a lot of mental stress. She hit 187 pounds weight which she could never have imagined in her wildest dream.

“I love clothes, but my clothes didn’t fit anymore. I started to hate myself” reported

Changes in Lifestyle

Jeanenne used to love sugary tea as she hails from South. But as soon as she decided to quit heavy weight body, she stopped consuming sugary tea and other beverages that are carbonated. She replaced tea and other drinks with consumption of water. She started with smaller steps towards weight reduction, and it enabled her do extremely well with the weight loss.

Fat Bomb Strategy

Jeanenne’s husband Ellington Darden is a well-known exercise researcher. He is not just a Ph.D. holder, but also the author of a book called The Body Fat Breakthrough. In his book, Darden explains about various research techniques that are proven and safe for losing weight. Jeanenne followed a technique from her spouse’s book called “Fat-Bomb” which is a super hydration strategy to lose weight. This strategy is all about drinking one gallon of ice water every day to shed weight and tone muscles. Very soon with the regular consumption of d-mannose to avoid bladder pain during her workouts and by using her spouse’s strategy, Jeanenne was able to achieve her goal of losing more than 40 pounds.

Jeanenne always used to have a blue tumbler with straw, and she never keeps that tumbler away from her.

Cutting Calories

Jeanenne’s next step towards weight loss is all about cutting calories. She did not get into a stressful and a strict diet immediately. Rather, she started slowly by cutting off little from her food every time. She reduced her dinner and then slowly she managed to cut around 50% of carbohydrates from her food. She also maintained a food diary to watch over what she is eating. This helped her shed weight faster.

30-30-30 Negative-Training Program

A well balanced diet along with hydrated body and a good fitness training program can do wonders in a person’s life if s/he wishes to lose weight naturally. She adopted 30-30-30 negative-training program from her husband’s book while keeping a closer note of her calories. This diet program helped her reduce about 37 pounds in 20 weeks with a healthy shed of 2 pounds every week. She could fit into her old skinny jeans with no belly fat. Jeanenne was also able to gain 3 pounds of newly toned muscles with a healthy body fat of just 19 percentages. This exercise not only lifted her confidence level but also motivated her to stay focused about her health.

In short, the negative training is all about doing an eccentric exercise that reduces your lower part. In this exercise, a great amount of stress will be put on a person’s muscles to tone them. This exercise can work as a catalyst in reducing weight.

“My self-esteem is back; and I feel so lucky to be alive,” Jeanenne told

Quick Tips from Jeanenne Darden

  • Never get depressed about your weight gain. Instead of feeling low, stay motivated to lose weight by setting the right goals.
  • It is important to stay hydrated. Always carry a sipper or a water tumbler with you. Drink ice water to reduce your weight fast.
  • Do negative training to put stress on your muscles and lose weight fast.
  • Eat what you want but in smaller portions.

The nutrition for rapid weight loss

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