From 310 lbs to 160 lbs: The Astonishing Weight Loss Story of Charita Smith

From being one among the most noted persons in the television for her dangerous 310 pounds weight to a successful Zumba instructor today, Charita Smith has become a weight loss icon. The 33-year-old once found it difficult to stand for longer hours and also suffered with severe back pain due to her overweight. At present, Smith is a role model and a renowned Zumba instructor […]

The Story of Christie Buie and Her 165 Pounds Weight Loss

41-year-old Christie Buie reduced more than 165 lbs. She weighed around 350 lbs and this was not long ago! By late 2011, Christie decided to bring her weight under control and took that first step ahead. Her current weight is $185 lbs. Read in detail how she gained control over her weight that completely transformed her life. Image Source : Christie Buie who was […]

Beth Chapman Weight Loss Secret Unveiled

Beth Chapman is the fifth wife of Dog the Bounty Hunter, Duane Chapman. Known for her plump figure, Beth has been featured on Playboy magazine’s cover. Beth Chapman’s weight loss success story is amazing. She has stirred up a storm in the U.S., everyone is keen to know how she lost weight and reduced her breasts to 42 inches, waist to 24 inches and hips […]

Secret behind Octavia Spencer’s Incredible Weight Loss Unleashed!

Octavia Spencer is a well known face of Hollywood. Her work in “The Help”is highly applaudable. No wonder, she has a great fan following. She had given an Oscar Awardwinning performance in the movie, but when it comes to putting off weight, she did it with her sincere efforts. Octavia Spencer’s weight loss is nothing short of an achievement for her. She is still in […]

Everything You Want to Know about KeKe Wyatt’s Weight Loss

R&B Diva, KeKe Wyatt looks quite different. She is not lean or thin, but in a better shape. Her looks are the hottest across slimosphere. KeKe Wyatt’s weight loss will leave you gobsmacked, believe it or not!  She is a complete beauty package. Her mellifluous voice spellbound the audiences. She is the ultimate prima donna. “Soul Sista” is stirring the storm by not just for […]

Music or Weight Loss- Why Jazmine Sullivan is in spotlight these days?

It has been so long, Jazmine Sullivan is out of spotlight. Her fans badly miss her. Her anger melting honeylicious voice has stirred up the storm, in the music industry. Something is so spell casting about her voice. She has that spark and melodious aura. Grammy nominated singer steals the show with her phenomenal stage presence. She decided to take a back seat for a […]

Patti Stanger’s Weight Loss- Secret Unveiled!

Millionaire matchmaker Patti Stanger looks much more beautiful after losing excess pounds. Her curvy and toned body makes her look fit. She openly admitted that she had gone through knife and had plastic surgery to remove the surplus fat.  Stanger underwent an upper blepharoplasty, in which fat and skin was removed from the eyelids. Besides, she is injected by Botox regularly. All of this really […]

Jimmy Kimmel’s “Jim-Miracle Diet”- A Must Know for Every Weight Loss Seeker

Hottie Jimmy Kimmel overturned the fitness island with his “Hottie Body Humpilates”fitness regime. Late Night Talk show’s host reveals that there are two roads that can take you to weight loss villa – exercise and diet. Sip up the cocktail exercise and diet and get that sexy physique. After putting off his own weight, he started teaching whole America the right way to (offer) treat […]

Get Motivated with Lea Michele’s Weight Loss Hush-Hush!

Of all the weight loss milestones that celebrities have touched, Lea Michele’s weight loss is the iconic success off late. ‘Glee’ fame actress has become shockingly skinny and frail. Recently, she was seen flaunting her bikini body, on a trip to Hawaiian beach. Her wet body put water on fire. Her stunning and bold look was astonishingly enchanting. She earned a fair amount of compliments […]

Chris Christie’s 85 Pounds Weight Loss: Fit Enough to Be 2016 Presidential Contender

Chris Christie is a well known name in the field of politics. He is the potential Republican presidential contender of 2016 elections. All the best Christie, you have our best wishes. He was a victim of extreme obesity. By health on his side, he could embrace fitness and lose 85 pounds. He has taken the most required right step and America is all praising his […]