80 day obsession workout calendar


80 day obsession workout calendar

80 Day Obsession is a new effective training complex from Autumn Calabrese with Beachbody. The program will help to improve your body completely in 80 days: tighten the buttocks, improve the shape of the legs, strengthen the press, make a flat stomach and burn excess fat. Autumn Calabrese has a lot of experience in training, so this complex will help you to make your body beautiful.

80 day obsession workout calendar is created for those who want to lose weight, improve his body and have cool shapes. The complex focuses on the main problem areas: the stomach, buttocks and legs. You will work on all muscles of your body and burn excess fat. 80 Day Obsession trainings are not designed for beginners, it’s quite a complicated process, but you can always adapt the program to your strengths and capabilities. When you are engaged in sports, you burn calories, start metabolic processes, force the body to expend energy, and not store it in tissues in the form of subcutaneous fat. In addition to weight reduction, regular exercise reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and even diabetes.

Who can use the 80 Day Obsession:

– those who want to get a strong body without problem zones;

– those who want to clean the big belly and make the buttocks elastic;

– those who are looking for workouts for the whole body that you can do at home;

– those who want to burn fat, improve muscle tone and make the body better.

You will need some things for training on the 80 Day Obsession program:

  1. You will need weights: light weight, medium weight and heavy weight. If you have a pair of weights, it will be quite enough. If you want to have an excellent result, then it is desirable to have a whole set of weights (from 2 to 18 kg).
  2. You will need to use resistance loops. If you use an elastic band, it is more convenient to practice in long pants rather than in shorts. It will help you to hold on to the expander better and avoid scratches from the tape on your skin.
  3. You will also need strength slides. Instead of it, you can use pieces of cloth, socks, small towels and other handy stuff.
  4. It is always advisable to have a mat on the floor, if you will have trainings on a hard surface.
  5. Foam roller is the ideal tool for restoring flexibility and mobility, as well as for resting muscles after loads.

The main thing is food!

You will not need to weigh, calculate and store calories, proteins, carbohydrates and fats – just measure products with containers and your menu will be ready. In the first month of the 80 Day Obsession, you will need fewer calories than in the second and third month. If your calculations show that the daily calorie rate is less than 1200 kcal, then you still stick to the option of 1200 kcal. Here you will be guided by the number of containers. You can lose weight without such radical measures, but if you have enough motivation – you can try to do that. You can calculate your calorie rate by the classical method or rely on the calculator from the company Beachbody. You can count calories by yourself or use the method of containers. The most important thing is to monitor the food.

Features of the training program

Program 80 Day Obsession includes a whole series of trainings for 30-60 minutes, for which you will be engaged 6 days a week for 13 weeks. Sunday is a day off or a short lesson for relaxation and stretching. The complex assumes 3 phases, 4 weeks per phase. Each phase includes 6 different trainings. With each phase, the exercises become more complicated; you will constantly improve your figure, and develop endurance and strength. Last week is a peak week that includes a mix of training from all three phases.

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