Best weight loss


Best weight loss

It has been proven that full people have a greater chance of developing diabetes, oncological and skin problems, endocrinological diseases, when fat tissue produces biologically active substances. There is no doubt that full people have a greater risk of cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis or hypertension. For example, a full person can not go to the mountains on foot or swim in the pool. A full woman always looks older and she is less interested in men than a slender woman. Full people are much more likely to suffer from excessive sweating that is not very comfortable. There are many different diets and programs to remove excess weight, but can all this be suitable for all fat people?

There are three basic points, which are called preparation for best weight loss. It’s not just a way to become slimmer; it’s your opportunity to change yourself and your life.

  • Counting of calories

 This is the main leader among the methods to achieve a beautiful body. In general, the secret of losing weight here is very simple: the consumption of calories should exceed their arrival. So many people who lose weight make a logical conclusion: they should learn how to count calories right. The main metabolism consumes about 1200 kilocalories per day. Due to this, our body can breathe, it can digest food or do the simplest movements, for example, to speak or blink eyes. At least 300 calories a day we need for minimal our physical and mental activity. So we need 1500 kilocalories per day.

  • Harmful food

Bread, buns, fatty, chips, pasta and alcohol go to the list of harmful products. In summer it is especially important to give up sweet soda – we drink it in large quantities, but it contains a lot of sugar, and it increases weight just like cakes. This method is good because it is simple: it does not need from you global changes in life and diet. You do not need serious self-adjustment; you can start losing weight that way right now. Before you start losing weight, it is advisable to observe yourself and draw a conclusion which foods are “banned” by you. We all have our provocateurs of obesity. It can be cakes, alcohol, fatty meat, pizza, crackers and chips, herring, pancakes, etc. you will become slimmer if you forget about this list.

  • Start strengthening your body

If you have never visited a sports hall and did not do different physical activities, then you do not need to pump the press 50 times. Your body must get used to the fact that it is waiting for loads or sports. Prepare your body – start exercising in the morning or go to the park. Then you can start more complex exercises and your body will not get stressed. You can not get an ideal slim body in 2 weeks, but cardinal changes and gradual loads will help to strengthen muscles.

Doing sports is one of the oldest but still the most effective method for losing weight. The surest way is to find a gym and personal trainer. Discuss with him your problems with the figure and health, and together you could choose a training program, based on your level of preparation and the desired results. You can give preference to active training, running, aerobics, doing yoga or gymnastics. You can choose training on the simulators, with the use of sporting shells, hoops, fitbols, or fashionable today’s fitness areas. You can also do jogging, swimming or dancing – it would be great way to keep the body toned and gradually lose weight. If you do not like hard diets or boring workouts in the gym, find a sport for your preferences, so that it would be not only a way to lose weight but also your new hobby.

Sports for weight loss

  • Dancing

This sport is not only beautiful, but also funny and pleasant. There are waltz, salsa, rumba, tango, bachata, hip-hop, oriental dances and many other kinds. Do not compare dancing classes and dancing at a disco. Because disco is entertainment, and dance training is a sport.

  • Cycling

Cycling is getting more and more popular every year. This is a great way to lose weight especially for women with big hips. Almost 3-4 workouts per week for 40 minutes will help you to activate the muscles of the stomach and thighs. The result can be seen in a month with these regular lessons.

  • Fitness

Fitness is gaining more and more popularity. Fitness classes include weight training. It helps to build muscle mass and burn fat. The fitness trainer will help you to develop an individual training plan that will include increased load on the problem areas.

  • Swimming

Swimming for 40 minutes helps to remove cellulite, excess weight, sagging skin and problems with the back. During one swimming session the body loses about 600 calories, blood circulation improves. It is enough to visit the pool 3 times a week.

  • Walking

This sport is the most economical and accessible to all. For sports, you need a street and sneakers. The main principle of this sport is more movement. Begin with 3-4 lessons a week, after this the body is used to the load, then you can increase the training to 45 minutes. You can add hand dumbbells, a backpack for back or weighting for legs.

  • Running (jogging)

Running is the most popular sport for weight loss. You also need comfortable shoes for running and 3-4 hours a week. Basically, jogging is recommended in parks or outside the city, because there the air is cleaner than in the smoky streets. Running for 30 minutes helps to get rid of 750 calories.

  • Aerobics

There are several types of aerobics: Aqua aerobics (classes in water), step aerobics (aimed at burning fat when “pacing”) and ordinary aerobics. A prerequisite for performing the exercises is the presence of dumbbells, a ball or a stick.

The main thing here is to overpower your laziness, get up off the couch and start making your steps towards a slender body, to radically change your life for the better!


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