Chrissy Metz weight loss


Chrissy Metz weight loss

Chrissy Metz plays Kate in the series “This is us.” Her heroine eats a lot and suffers from excess weight. She tries to lose weight, tries diet and exercise, but has no results. When Chrissy agreed to this role, the weight loss was the main condition. It was necessary for the plot of the series, where this character could find inner balance and strength to radically change her body. For Metz, this role would not only be a chance to show her in the cinema, but also get a strong motivation. She signed a contract and was obliged to lose weight by the end of the series, so that the audience saw her heroine Kate in a new way. Chrissy could not lose weight by herself, she lacked the strength and desire – work on the series was her aspiration and perseverance. She realized that this is an excellent chance for her to change her appearance and her life, because she will not do it alone.

Chrissy Metz weight loss 2018

Chrissy said that at the beginning of the working process she had to wear large suits and dresses of size plus. She was uncomfortable and ashamed, because she is in the frame of the film. This was the second factor for her decision to remove excess weight. The series was popular and its heroine Kate received many fans. Chrissy did not know why such a non-ideal heroine with excess weight can have fans. The point is her charisma and charm, Metz played its role perfectly, so she got a lot of fans of the show. Many people liked the story and character of this heroine, her desire and strength to change her body.

Kate became the main motivator for Chrissy, who was always against training or debilitating diets. After the filming began, Metz was able to rethink her views and she definitely decided to move with weight loss. At first it was training and healthy nutrition, then she made a special treatment for herself. This time was very difficult for Chrissy, because the work with the series took a lot of time. She was tired, but she was strong. When the kilos started to go away, Chrissie began to feel better. This gave her more strength not to stop and move on. It’s not just the story of a woman who decided to lose weight – this is the story of her character Kate, her desire and wishes, which Chrissy took for herself.

Directors of the series understood that it was a difficult step for the actress, because it requires not only willpower, but also the strength of the spirit. Many actresses change appearance, shear or dye their hair, make operations for the coveted role in the film or series. This is a completely different situation; here a person must cope with her fears, reluctance or laziness. It’s work on herself and on her character. Weight loss was the most important factor and directors knew that this was a certain risk. Chrissy coped with this role and with this task, so she is worthy of respect! Chrissy Metz weight loss 2018 – now this theme is one of the most interrsting.

Mets proved that a person should not close in a box, if she is not perfect. We need to look for an incentive, motivation and a desire to become better. Fighting excess weight is a difficult and debilitating work with our body and health. Many people can not cope with their temptations and weaknesses, but Chrissy’s story has shown us that each of us can find motivation everywhere.

There is a special theme in the series – a thin person is a happy person. Is this true in real life? Modern society dictates its rules to us and many of us blindly follow them. This is an imposed idea, the impact of advertising or ideal girls with slender figures in the film. Can a harmonious body be a pledge of happiness and love? Society tells us – yes. Is that right? Or each of us chooses his own path?

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