The Dark Knight’ actor flaunted his sexy torso, yet again. His awesome Batman accent, his sex appeal, add up to his suave and debonair personality. His heart throbbing oomph is crossing geographical boundaries, whether they are 16 or 36, women are just crazy about ‘American Hustle’Star. He has mastered the art of weight transformation. His weight makes popular headlines of Tabloids.

His profession demands him to look slimmer in one movie and fattier in another. He switches between putting on and off supplely. He is the non-American actor to sophisticatedly pull out the role of Bruce Wayne. Golden Globe 2011award winning star is apmly flexible, so as to appear in all shapes and sizes! He is truly an epitome of versatility because he never fails to grab the attention as well as laud of his viewers in every role he plays.

A timeline of his surprising physical transformation

Newsies- 1992

At the tender age of 17, teenager Bale played ‘Cowboy’ Jack in the musical flick. Who knew the changes endured would come back to him later on.

Velvet Goldmine- 1998

The knotty transformation was seen in the movie. With the glam rock look, the actor was shown as fully grown up adult, who seldom wears an eye shadow and he was a man at the same time. He did bicep curls before the shooting started, for those rock hard biceps.

American Psycho2000

He bulked his weight up to enact the character of a perfect killer Patrick Bateman. He was supposed to have not more than 3 percent of body fats. To get that badass body shape, he did three hours of cardio and two hours of weight lifting a day with a personal fitness trainer, six days in a week.

The Machinist– 2004

It is one of his most talked about weight losing roles. Bale shed his well-toned muscles to pull out the role of Trevor Reznik in The Machinist. He dropped 62 pounds and his weight reached to 121 pounds. The actor managed to survive on an apple, coffee and water everyday for four months. He took vitamins to keep his body in the pink.

Batman Begins- 2005

After The Machinist, Bale was asked to achieve a sculpted Batman body in a short time span, to play the role of Bruce Wayne. He consumed a diet that was high in carbs and got back to his training sessions which lasted three hours. To add extra pounds and muscles to his body, he engorged himself in ice- cream and pizza.

The director, Christopher Nolan, asked me to try and put on as much weight as I could because he would find it very difficult to convince the studio to cast me if I was a beanpole.

‘In doing so I overdid it because I was enjoying gorging. I was ignoring advice about taking it slowly because my stomach had shrunk, and I should just go with soups.

‘I was straight into pizza and ice-cream and eating five meals in a sitting. My stomach expanded really quickly. I got very sick during that time but I enjoyed getting sick. I didn’t mind it at all,” reported Daily Mail UK.

His diet was rich in protein. He consumed turkey, beef, chicken and fish. For fast digestion, he relied on whey protein powder. He gained 100 pounds and his weight scaled up to 220 pounds, which was much more than what was really needed for the role. So, he lost 40 pounds. At the starting of the movie Batman Begins, his weight was 189 pounds.

Rescue Dawn- 2006

He had become a weight control ace by this time. Hence, he was able to drop the exact number of pounds required to fit in to the character of an injured pilot. The actor shed 55 pounds and weighed in about 134 pounds for this movie. He did it by restricting what he ate. He appreciated his makeup artists for his emaciated look.

Terminator Salvation- 2009

Bale is remembered and loved for his best rant across the globe. The character demanded the actor to be dedicated to the workout, so that, he could muscle up to combat a robotic revolution.

The Fighter- 2010

The actor was supposed to play the role of a crack-addicted ex boxer Dicky Eklund. Bale did cardio workouts along with extensive running to shed pounds. He was on a special diet and took boxing lessons. He shed off 44 pounds by reducing his calorie count, to attain a weight of 145 pounds.

“I’ve had to lose a great deal of weight because he was a welterweight.” He added “There’s nothing like boxing for getting you in shape. It’s a wonderful thing when your trainer is actually the person you’re playing,” reported Daily mail UK.

The Dark Knight Rises- 2012

In order to fit into Batman’s shoes, Bale got back to Batman’s heart throbbing body. He put on 53 pounds to add up charisma to the character of Bruce Wayne in last film of Batman series, directed by Christopher Nolan.

Out of the Furnace- 2013

He bid adieu to muscle mass to welcome cheekbones. Bale was expected, yet again, to lose weight and slim down to play the role of a raddled steel worker.

American Hustle- 2013

Then, Bale got an opportunity to put on a good deal of weight. He was glad to eat up cheeseburgers. He had to play the role of a con man, handsome hunk and for that he increased the intake of junk food, to gain 40 pounds.

“I ate lots of doughnuts, a whole lot of cheeseburgers and whatever I could get my hands on. I literally ate anything that came my way.” He added, “I was about 185 and went up to 228. I’m still working it off,” reported People.

Exodus- 2014

Moses is known for his perfect physique. So, he got back to gym and his slimmed version transpired. His first appearance in the film is extremely appealing.

Actors seek weight loss advice from him

Christian Bale affirms that many actors call him up to ask tips on how to pull it (weight) off.

“Unfortunately I didn’t do it under any sort of doctor’s monitoring and so I’m loathe to give advice because what if it goes wrong for somebody else,” saysBale. “There really isn’t much of a secret to it. You eat less and do more. And whatever extreme you take that? The more skinny you’re going to become,” reported Hitfix.

Christian Bale’s Diet Plan

Oscar Award winning actor follows a well-balanced and healthy diet. He intakes fats, carbs and proteins in the proportion of 3:2:1. His diet is guided and designed by expert nutritionists. He is supposed to eat after three hours of interval. He gets his fair amount of proteins by milk, protein shakes, lean protein, fat free cheese and eggs. His meal comprises health enriching and wholesome snacks and drinks. He gets carbs from fiber rich fruits and veggies. After aggressive workout sessions, it is recommended to re-energize your body with carbs and proteins. They initiate the recovery process of the worked out body.

Compound, Interval and Plyometric Training Workout Routine

His work out includes multiple training methods, on different days. Not just his acting, but also his workout schedule is versatile.

Compound Weight Training Workout

Day 1
ExerciseSets/DistanceReps/TimeRest (min)
Bent-Over Row412 2:00
Clean High Pull410,10,8,62:00
Power Clean and Press410,10,8,62:00

Interval Training Workout

Day 2
ExerciseSets/DistanceReps/TimeRest (min)
Barbell Jump Squat410,10,8,62:00
Walking Barbell Lunge4102:00

Plyometric Training Workout

Day 3
ExerciseSets/DistanceReps/TimeRest (min)
Dumbbell Fly312No Rest
Speed Bench Press3122:30
Clap Push-Up412,10,8,62:00
Lateral Box Jump4202:00

Christian Bale gets candid about his weight loss

Bale said that for American Hustle, he went through the physical transformation on his own. “[David] hadn’t envisioned or believed I would put on any weight or anything like that, but I just fell in love with the look of Mel Weinberg who we took a lot of license with and who I made into Irv. His comb over and his rotund physicality and that sort of rolling ball nature to him. Not the con man you’d expect to see and then discovering this guy is a real romantic. He’s just trying to recreate his life that’s adventurous and exciting. ‘Please forgive me, so I tell a few lies in order to make my life more exciting in order to find some bigger truth, but who doesn’t in some ways?’”

He cracks a joke, “I always forget the promise I made to never do it (again).”

He adds, “The nice thing to says is I’ve never had a single director ask me to do any of this stuff. Everyone’s kind of gone, ‘Well, we can do it with a bunch of makeup and some prosthetics’ And then they discover I’m really doing it myself and they go, ‘Really? Are you O.K. doing that? I’ve never really had anyone say, ‘You have to get to this place.’ It’s always been me saying, ‘I have to get to this place,’” reported Hitfix.

Wife doesn’t mind his incredible transformations

Bale got married to producer Sibi Blazic in 2000. She is cool with all the experiments he does with his weight. “She’s seen me in many different, hideous guises, and she tolerates me no matter how I look.” He says, “I’m grateful to have a very patient and loving wife,” reported People.

But, she is absolutely concerned about his health. “First of all, think of the tolerance she must have had just to have her husband walking around and coming out of the shower looking like that, you know? It’s not a pretty sight.” Baletold to BBC.

Daughter is amused to see daddy’s frequent transformations

His 8 year old baby girl, Emmeline, is amused by his weight fluctuations. “She found it funny,” the British actor said with a smile on his face. “Having a big old gut and a bald head, she would slap it and tease me. She had lots of fun and found it amusing,” reported People.

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