You know what is smoking hot? Slim and sexy Christina Aguilera looks smoking hot in her new avatar. She looks elegant, charming and gracious. “Genie in a Bottle” hit maker breaks all the previous records of the oomph meter. Christina Aguilera weight loss has made her from fat to ‘fit and fab.’ She grabs eyeballs wherever she goes. All credits to her splendid weight loss!

The New Look Spotted

She has shed those striking 80 pounds. After losing weight, she looks her best. On 24 November, she flaunted her slim sexy body at 2013 American Music Awards held in Los Angeles. She was the vivacious show-stopper and flaunted her curves in a milky white elegant gown with side cuts and a high-thigh slit by Maria Lucia Hohan. To get that sizzling hot look, she paired the gown with shining Christian Louboutin heels, Jimmy Choo classy clutch and dazzling jewels by Lorraine Schwartz. Her lustrous golden locks were styled by celebrity hairstylist, David Babaii, and a shiny coral lip shade gave her the perfect pout.

The 32-year-old musical mistress performed the new hit, “Say Something,” alongside “A Great Big World,” on stage at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

Story behind Gaining Weight

Christina Aguilera, 32, former Mouseketeer, divorced ex-husband Jordan Bratman, and gained those extra pounds by sinful indulgence in pizza and spending a life of extravagance. She had that busty, plump and bootylicious full figure. Her involvement with 25-year-old new boyfriend, Matthew Rutler, and enjoying the nightlife with him is also blamed to be a reason for her weight gain. Consuming high quantity of alcohol could also be held responsible for making her weight an issue.

The Diet


Christina starts her day with blueberries, half an avocado and turkey bacon, the perfect combination of proteins and fats. For a fit body, combination of proteins and fats give effectively visible results. She avoids pancakes as the first meal of the day. Her breakfast includes oatmeal, peach juice, tea, egg white. Post workout she prefers to take 25 grams whey protein shake.


For snacks, she munches on celery with almond butter, cotton cheese and melon. She just loves shrimp cocktail as a healthy snack.


For that slim-trim figure, her lunch includes chicken breast over vegetable salad, almonds, celery, turkey, mayonnaise and lemon juice. To cut down fat intake, she bids goodbye to creamy and cheesy dressings, like ranch or blue cheese.


Her dinner includes alfalfa, cheddar cheese, garlic, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, sour cream, tortillas and chicken or fish curry, and she loves to have it with a glass of wine. Christina consumes a very little amount of alcohol. She resists her temptation for unhealthy favorites. She always had a great voice, but now she also has a terrific figure.

Yummy mummy carries her lunch and snacks with her to avoid giving in to unhealthy food habits.

There is no place for whites such as white rice, flours or sugars in her platter. She leans on lean proteins and whole grains to maintain her phenomenal figure.

Ideally, Christina ingests three meals and four snacks a day comprising of 1600 calories.

The Fitness Mantra

Christina Aguilera is happy inside and it glows outside. The singer happily flaunts her slim and sexy figure. One can’t help gazing at her refreshed and rejuvenated slim and healthy avatar. To make frequent visits to the gym is not on her priority list. “If I have to choose between working out and spending time with my son after a hard day, it’s not even a question,” she told Dailymail.

Yoga and low carbohydrate diet does wonders to her fitness.

As prescribed by Dr. Pescatore in The Hamptons Diet, the New York Times best-selling book, she followed a similar diet plan.

When it comes to cardio, she embraces her inner child. “I have these paintball guns, and we’re just blowing off steam,” says Aguilera of her preferred stress buster “It’s so much fun,” to Foxnews.

Fitness Trainer Tee Sorge Rescued Mistress in Distress

To shed those extra pounds, Christina Aguilera worked with the professional fitness trainer, Tee Sorge. He paid special attention to yoga and cardio, as well. Christina’s workout regime included burning fats from every major body part at least once in a week. Christina finds time for weight training between all the dancing times. According to Tee Sorge, to work on Christina’s upper body, bicep curls are a great avenue. “Christina does three sets of each exercise and uses weights ranging from five to 15 pounds,” he told Popsugar.

The Workout Regime

Christina Aguilera had all the determination and the positive attitude to lose that extra flab. She embraced a hard, yet fruitful workout plan. Her workout plan which is designed by Tee, includes:

  • Warm it up with the Treadmill WalkChristina Aguilera likes to start her exercise with the excessive momentum flowing in her blood, so that her heart rate increases and she could enjoy her exercises. The musical mistress walks on a treadmill for 10-20 minutes. Additionally, she likes to walk for 10-15 minutes more on some days.
  • Lift Weight to Lose Weight Christina works hard on her biceps and triceps by lifting 5 to 20 pounds of weight. She does four sets of dumbbell press, dumbbell curls and dumbbell triceps kickbacks, five times a week. The lifting doesn’t just have to be restricted at the gym, she says. Because one can read a Dumbbellsreview and get some to workout at times when the schedule goes askew.
  • Work on the Abs Christina pays special attention to her abs. To keep her focus locked on her abs, she does exercises like pushups and lunges and 350-500 reps of sit-ups. Christina loves abs exercises.

Her workout session completes with 25 grams of whey protein shake.

The Workout Plan

Christina Aguilera worked very hard for her weight loss. She was successful in targeting every major body part once a week, which was complemented by yoga and multiple forms of cardio. Have a look at her workout plan, the secret behind her fabulous body.

Monday – Chest, Shoulders, Yoga
Dumbbell Press410
Standing Dumbbell Military Press410
Yoga (30 Mins)
Tuesday – Biceps, Back, HIIT Cardio
Dumbbell Curl410
HIIT Cardio – 20 Mins (1 in fast, 1 min slow)
Wednesday – Triceps, Abs, Yoga
Dumbbell Tricep Kickbacks410
Hanging Knee Raises (Captain Chair)410-20
Planks (30 Secs hold)4
Thursday -Legs, Cardio
Leg Press410-12
Calve Raises410-15
Steady State Cardio – 25 Mins
Friday – Abs, Yoga
Decline Crunch410-15
Planks (30 Secs hold)4
Yoga (30 Mins)
Saturday & Sunday- Rest

The Reiki Connection

Christina Aguilera weight loss is credited to practicing the spiritual healing technique, Reiki. It is an ancient (Asian) practice to heal body, mind and soul through the energies. According to her, Reiki sessions helped her shed those extra pounds. Christina, a celebrity coach on the renowned television show, The Voice, is quoted as saying to Reiki in Medicine, “Reiki puts her mind in a good place and gives her the discipline to eat healthy and maintain weight loss.” The 32-year-old yummy mummy receives a Reiki treatment three times a week.

With the help of Reiki, her mind is at peace and she is at ease to maintain her healthy weight loss.

She feels revitalized by her weight reduction because she has been able to spend more quality time with Max, her 5-year-old son.

I got to have, finally, a break and spend some time with my son…being able to breathe and have time away outside of the camera and get to the nitty-gritty of all things real and personal (allowed me to come) back refreshed,” she told

Dr. Pescatore’s take on Christina Aguilera Weight Loss

According to Dr. Pescatore, “It is possible for Christina Aguilera to have a sudden weight loss in under a year. It would take that long to lose the weight in a healthy fashion and she is young enough so I think it was a good weight loss.” as told by him to Radaronline.

Strict diet and a boob job are the reasons behind her striking weight loss, Dr. Pescatore claims.

“The only surgery she may have had is a breast lift because if you notice, they reduced in size perfectly which could happen but is unlikely,” said Dr. Pescatore, nutritionist and author of The Hamptons Diet, to Radaronline.

According to Dr. Lance Wyatt, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, extreme weight reduction is possible in under a year.

“In 10 months, patients may lose up to as much as 35 pounds or more with aggressive diet, exercise, diet pills, and/or bariatric surgery. Looks like Christina may have had liposuction of her body and/or tummy tuck for flatter abdomen and more narrow waistline. Her face seems a little thinner but not much, again probably weight loss by natural or surgical means.” he said to Radaronline.

Natural or surgical, Christina Aguilera’s terrific weight loss makes her look extremely magnificent.

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