From 220 lbs to 139 lbs, 34-year-old Donesha Bolden is an inspiration to everyone looking for a successful weight loss!

She moved to a teaching job in North Carolina, and her height was 5’3’’, but what kept her confidence low was the fact that she weighed around 220 pounds. It was not the size 24 dress she used to wear that made her feel so low but a sudden phone call which informed her about a cousin’s death at an early age made her stop being care-free about obesity. In late 2011, Donesha’s cousin, who was only 35-year-old, passed away due to obesity and high blood pressure.

What caused weight gain?

Donesha had never enjoyed cooking before she seriously thought about weight loss. Unhealthy eating habits like consuming a lot of sugary snacks, munchies and salty snacks resulted in those extra 220 pounds. Not being a part of any workout session, gym, aerobics or any active physical workout classes contributed to oodles of pounds. It is after her mother’s loss Donesha turned 100% care-free about her rapid weight gain. She says that she has always been heavy till 2012 and the stoutness did not really ring a bell in her mind. Unhealthy eating habit combined with the struggle of getting a good job in Atlanta was the main reason for her 220 lbs.

The Turning Point

As stated earlier, losing her 35-year-old cousin to obesity made Donesha much concerned about her health. It was not only her cousin but also her grandmother who died of cancer, her uncle who died of heart attack and another close cousin was found out to be suffered from breast cancer at an early age of 35, all these incidents shook Donesha terribly. She was now conscious about trimming down her extra pounds.

How did she do it?

“It is only when I gave serious thinking about my weight I started to love cooking instead of eating and this offered me surprising results,” says Donesha proudly.

She worked over smaller things first and decided to stay strong towards putting off some 80 pounds within the expected time. She checked her cravings to eat unhealthy snacks by cooking healthy meals at home. From salted cookies to steamed broccoli, bags of preservative-filled munchies to whipping up tilapia, all made her eat less and healthy. She got a pair of running shoes and decided to run three extra miles before her office work to have a healthy everyday workout.

Here are some healthy quick ideas Donesha followed that made her reduce about 30 pounds in just two months:

  • She first got a divider plate for her food with restricted portions for every meal. This way, overeating and eating huge quantity of food was controlled. This plate is available in all stores as portion-control eating plates.
  • Donesha added healthy oatmeal to her breakfast. This being the most recommended method which significantly trimmed down her weight.
  • Instead of eating fried food items and sugary desserts, she decided to eat clean and healthy food. She also ate food items like fish, chicken and fresh vegetables to manage her weight.
  • Drinking more than a gallon of water was also the main reason behind her trim figure.
  • Donesha kept her zip-top bags ready for healthy snacks like fresh cut fruits, vegetables, celery and more, instead of preserved and canned food. This way the little hunger could be controlled in healthy ways.
  • She hit the gym with her personal trainer Tissilli Rogers, who gave her a target of reaching 150 lbs.
  • Sometimes working out at home is much better and encouraging than working out at the gym, says Donesha. She also feels that when you work out at home, you have the freedom to be yourself.
  • Education about nutritious foodstuffs is also a must for losing weight, she believes. Therefore, she took nutrition advice from her trainer throughout her weight loss regime.
  • “I complete cardio five days a week at 5 a.m. It gives me energy that I never thought I would have!” Donesha told Huffingtonpost. She also performs strength training and love to run. She inspires everyone on the social media forum and Instagram.

Donesha never stopped even after reaching 160 lbs. Though her trainer gave her a target of 150 lbs, she managed to reach 160 lbs and never ceased her efforts. In this way, healthy weight and good shape made her an inspiration to other weight loss seekers. Her motivational weight loss story was also featured in the Atlanta Journal of Constitution.

How life is being enjoyed today?

Losing 80 pounds and continuing to stay fit is not a child’s play. It needs determination to work harder with focus and sincerity. She had it all to achieve this milestone in life!

Today, Donesha Bolden is a renowned fitness fashionista who is widely being spoken about on the social marketing forum and other media. Her inspirational story also made her an Instagram junkie with thousands of followers talking to her about her story, praising her and also receiving advice from her. Donesha would love to advice anyone looking for a healthy weight loss in life. Confidence and dedication are the two keys to successfully trim down weight in anyone’s life. If Donesha can do it; then you can also do it and take charge of your life anytime.


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