Intermittent fasting for weight loss


Intermittent fasting for weight loss

Fasting is abstinence from certain products, humility and prayer. And fasting without prayer is a diet. Intermittent fasting is a special diet when a person receives a limited amount of food at a specified time. This helps to normalize the metabolism, lose fat, and normalize blood pressure. If you be patient and can take control of your diet, only then you will get the result. Not all those who want to lose weight choose such a diet, because a busy day does not allow them to make food for a separate time. Most often we make quick snacks with apples, bananas or fast-food, but the diet requires special attention. Your result will depend on your attitude to this diet and on your wish to make your body healthy.

Experts advise to eat the right and healthy food that have fiber and protein. This will be for you a source of energy, which is needed for the work of organs and the brain. You can start the day with a cup of black coffee, and at an allowed time to eat fish, vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, honey or protein. At the allowed time, a person should eat right; do not attack fast-food, cakes, rolls, chips, fried cutlets or dumplings. Specialists had performed many studies and the results showed that many people used this diet and lost weight. It was not a sharp weight loss of 10 kg; it was a gradual decrease in weight, which came to normal. Intermittent fasting like a diet is useful to restore blood pressure, perfect to normalize the heart work, it also improve blood circulation and metabolism and it help your brain to work more actively. If you are not going to lose weight, then this diet can help you to prevent and purify the body.

If you want to choose a low-calorie diet, then you do not need to do this for long time. The body can adapt to low calorie intake, so weight loss may stop. Intermittent fasting is the best solution for a normal level of calories because this diet does not last long. But experts think that intermittent fasting is on one step higher than the low-calorie diet. Probably, it is because of the safety for health. The diet lasts a certain period of time, the set of products is limited, but the person continues to receive the necessary amount of elements and vitamins.

There are many kinds of this diet, but we want to talk about popular ones. This is not a type of food; it is a special mode of eating that will be limited and free.

  • One of the types of this diet is the diet regime of 16: 8. This means that you can not eat for 16 hours, but you can eat any food other 8 hours. Experts advise eating in the morning, for example, from 10 to 6 pm, so that the body can digest all minerals and carbohydrates throughout the day. You can eat earlier, so that it is a full breakfast and your body will receive energy for the whole day.
  • The second type of alternative fasting: you can eat only 500 calories per day and the next eat what you want. One day your body receives only 500 calories, and the next day you supplement this amount.
  • There is a third popular type of this diet – this is the diet regime of 5:2. This means that two days a week will be unloading, that is without food – the other 5 days you can eat any food.

Each diet can have its pros and cons, and every human body has its own peculiarities. If you have the opportunity, consult a nutritionist. The desire to become slimmer should not be stronger than the desire to be healthy.

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