After the American journalist Robert Costa appeared with excellent physical shape, many began to ask him questions. People wanted to know how Robert was able to lose weight and what was his secret and motivation? He said that at the institute he wrote articles about sports, but his figure was not perfect. This was not a problem for Costa; he was doing what he loved and was making his career.

His family, friends and faith have always been the main motivation in work and life, but these things have become the main factor for his struggle with excess weight. Other journalists asked him about Trenbolone Acetate, a special steroid that could help a person remove extra pounds. Robert did not answer this question exactly; perhaps it was just a rumor. Robert do not care about gossip and rumors; he takes it easy on this because he respects people’s opinions. He works as a journalist, so he understands that all people want to find the best sensation or find news and to make a sensation out of it. Costa said he ignored such rumors.

There was a good diet for Melissa McCartney, could Robert use this? There were also questions about an effective remedy – Garcinia Clean. Costa says that the main thing for fighting overweight is motivation and willpower, and not used means and drugs. Robert began to recruit a special diet and exercise. He is a successful journalist, so he doesn’t have enough time to go to the gym, but he does it as often as he can. Costa wanted to speed up the effect of losing weight, so he added a special meal. He wants to make weight loss save and effective. These were not supplements or steroids; they were fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and other products with a full range of trace elements and nutrients.


Robert did not tell the details of his diet, but he spoke about diet drinks such as Seltzer water and calorie-free cola. Seltzer water is special mineral water that helps to remove toxins and remove harmful substances from the body. There is no flavoring or caffeine in this water. Costa likes cola, but this drink is called very harmful because of its high sugar content. There is an excellent solution – diet cola. Scientists have proven that diet cola does not contain sugar; this drink stimulates rapid weight loss, so Robert chose this.

Robert consulted a nutritionist, because training does not always have the guarantee of fast weight loss. Exercise burns fat and strengthens muscles and body, but eating the wrong foods replenishes calories. Proper nutrition helped Robert make his workouts more effective. Lack of free time was not a big problem for Costa; he tried to make these exercises more effective in order to burn more calories in one session.

The story of Robert Costa weight loss shows that overweight can be removed if you have a strong motivation and the decision to become better. It does not require a lot of free time and does not harm your work; the desire to make your body slimmer is the inner strength of character. Robert was able to abandon his favorite foods and dishes to replace it with more useful and fresh. He did not use the calculation of calories and did not torment his body with hunger. A set of correct exercises for all muscle groups and their regular execution helped to get a more effective result. Robert does not tell the details of his diet, but he says that the desire to do this is much more important than ways. Biological additives or harmful drugs will harm your health, and an active lifestyle and the right products will help make your body slim and healthy. Costa looks great for his age, now it’s hard to see that guy with extra pounds.

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