Jen and Kelly McCarthy were just 28 when they suffered too much with obesity. Unhealthy eating habits made them hit 254 pounds by their graduation. But, with their hard work, they managed to reduce their weight to 163 pounds. Today, these twins are not just loved by men for their ceaseless hot look, but they also have many women followers from all over the world for their notable 91 pounds weight loss. Here is the success story of McCarthy sisters against weight gain.

Life with Obesity

Jenny who was a successful model and a feature star in the Playboy magazine gained so much weight after delivering her son. Her weight gain pushed her to become a trash-talking anchor at a not-so-good rated television show. “I realized how awful it was to be this young and this unhealthy,” Jenny told Women’s Health. At the age of 28, Jen realized that she is awfully fat and looking bad, for how old she was. In 2009, a group picture posted by their close friend on a social media site caught Jen’s attention and she realized that she must work harder towards her look. Jen also insisted her sister Kelly to join the fitness program she is about to enroll.

Jenny heard about this fitness program in a radio advertisement and told her sister but she was hesitating to join this program initially. Later on, they both enrolled in the program to bring about a huge change in their life. The sisters used to dress up in tent-like clothes just to cover their unwanted curves. Their fashion sense was slowly going down. They gained more attention from everybody around for being so obese at an early age.

The Efforts Taken

Jen and Kelly were identical twins and they hit weight gain together. “As kids we ate out all the time,” Kelly told Women’s Health magazine. They joined a gym where they were taught how to portion control their food and eat less. The specialist trainers at their fitness center designed a special cardio program for them that included running, biking and whole-body free weight lifting, which the twin sisters used to perform at least an hour daily, four times in a week. By January 2013, they succeeded in shedding 70 pounds.

The Slow Cooker Magic

McCarthy sisters loved cooking and they loved Mexican food so much. They used to carry their snacks and chicken munchies with them wherever they go. The introduction of slow cooker helped them eat healthy and less. They cooked their favorite Mexican chicken and rice in a slow cooker and ate them. The portion control plates helped them achieve a healthy weight within an expected time frame.

They snacked on egg-white omelets, peanut butter and bananas. These protein-rich snacks aided them in their weight loss program. Watermelon was Jenny’s favorite snack which not only kept her hydrated, but also kept her blood sugar level under control. She also drank a lot of water to attain the desired shape.

The Hurdle and the Boot Camp Special

In 2013, both Jen and Kelly managed to reduce around 70 pounds. They were very happy as their weight loss program was going good. They had to sideline their weight loss efforts when Kelly developed a running injury. After the injury, it became very difficult to continue workout not only for Kelly, but also for Jen, who was her sole partner. McCarthy sisters then redesigned their entire weight loss program with newer exercises and boot camps. This helped them shed 20 more pounds.

They joined the boot camps conducted in their place of residence. The boot camps are nothing but fitness camps that consist of heavier exercises and group workout sessions, in which a small group of fitness enthusiasts are monitored by individual trainers at the outdoor camps. “Throwing down ropes and hoisting barbells over your head is just awesome,” said Kelly to Women’s Health magazine. Today, even after achieving weight loss and getting their curves back, they would love to continue going to the boot camps as they consider it one of their favorite hangout.

The Benefits

Today, Kelly works in special education and Jen is a corporate benefits specialist. Jenny is one among the most favorite celebrities in the US with more fans expressing their love towards her on the social media forum. The proud Kelly says that she is happy about her sexy look and she loves to shop along with her sister Jenny for skirts and dresses that highlight their lean legs. Inspired by the weight loss of these sisters, Jen decided to date again and now she is happy with her boyfriend whom she met via online dating.

Kelly’s and Jen’s Tips

Here are some useful and handy tips from Jen sisters for those, who are looking forward to reduce weight.

  • Online Research
    Do online research to know more about weight loss and other fitness programs. Following food and health and also fitness brands on social media forums like Twitter also helps one stay informed about their special offers.
  • Seek Support
    The twin sisters encouraged each other every time they worked out. They also kept texting each other all the time just to stay on the track with their exercise and eating habits.
  • From Small to Big
    It is always recommended to start with small exercises and work out sessions. Do not expect bigger results after every workout session as it will discourage you. Results appear slowly, yet they will be steady if you follow the diet and work out with maximum sincerity.
  • Flavorsome Diet
    Just because it is weight loss diet, it does not mean the food should be insipid. Add some interesting flavors to your diet like cinnamon, cilantro and pumpkin spice. The natural herbs and spices not only make your food aroma rich, but also keep you healthy.
  • Bikram Yoga
    This yoga helps manage well the post-delivery weight. Jenny gained over 90 lbs due to her pregnancy which was brought under control with Bikram yoga.
  • Say ‘No’ to gluten and dairy products
    Avoiding gluten and dairy products during weight loss is the best way to keep you on track with the fitness program. Evade eating cheesy burgers, pizzas, snacks like onion rings, and dairy products when you are working out to lose weight.

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