Jenna Jameson weight loss


Jenna Jameson weight loss

In her youth, Jenna was an attractive young girl who lived in a trailer park. Her mother died early, and the girl lived with her father and brother. At the age of 16, she began to make a career and danced at the club. Then she realized that the body can bring a good income and the girl left the dance club in the porn industry.

For many years she worked as a porn actress, then began to gain weight and all the screams saw a terrible picture. Jenna lost her magnificent body, but it was not a problem for her. She said she was proud of her appearance and that overweight was not a problem for the woman’s own happiness. She said that people should not fish other people because of their weight, color or height. In 2017, Jenna told the media that she was pregnant with a third child and was again criticized and attacked by unsatisfied personalities. As before, the former star of porn films was written in Instagram, to establish all were silent about her appearance.

“Yes, I have gained considerable weight with this child, and I am sure that many women understand this. This is the nature of the female body, but I became a mother. And I get a lot of terrible hatred and anger for it and it really upsets me. But the most important thing for me is not the appearance, but the health and happiness of my children,” said Jenna.

The boyfriend of Jameson is the jeweler of Liora Bitton, a child means a lot to them. Yes, Jenna scored more than 120 pounds during pregnancy by her daughter, but it was important for the couple – they really wanted this child. Jenna wanted to save her family and decided to have a third child, but the features of the body led to gaining weight. This child was conceived with IVF, so Jenna’s body reacted to the medications. She did not worry about it, even when she started gaining weight. The main thing for her was that the child develops correctly without complications. Jameson says that she is distressed by how people insult her – she gained weight because of pregnancy, and people think that they have the right to judge and offend. For this reason, Jenna did not go out to the public when she was pregnant with twins.

She knew that evil people always find faults and will say bad things. She was forced not to go out and not talk to the media, but her reward is healthy children. The third pregnancy affected Jenna’s body, so the media and the admirers of the star immediately found it horrible.Jenna Jameson weight loss

Jenna decided to change her appearance and found a suitable diet. She wrote that she drinks only water from 6 pm to 8 am. Then she drinks coffee with toast and coconut oil. She gets a full breakfast at 11 am. Jenna Jameson weight loss, her diet can be called Keto, there are no fatty foods, bread, cereals and sweets. Such a diet helps to normalize the balance of the body; it is very useful not only for the desire to lose weight. But Jenna changed her body; she got 6 clothes size, instead of 16.

Breakfast Jenna includes 3 eggs and avocados, so that the body receives the necessary vitamins and energy. If you want to eat during the day, then she eats nuts or cottage cheese. Walking in the fresh air and some exercises were added in her new daily routine. She is the mother of three children and an active way of life is present in her life. She used Keto diet for almost 4 months and got an incredible result. The main thing for Jenna – her body feels lighter, fresh and better. This is an excellent motivation to be healthy so that she can raise her children.

Now the society speaks again about Jenna, but these are already phrases of admiration and surprise. Jameson wants to look good, and the period of weight gain she calls the period of hormonal failure. These were difficulties during pregnancy; sometimes women can have similar problems. This is normal. The main thing is to find strength in yourself and take control of your body to be beautiful and healthy.

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