Jennifer Hudson must change her name to Jennifer Gorgeous Hudson. She has that feminine motherhood glow on her charming face. She is super inspiring with her 80 pounds weight loss. She has been concealing her incredible body behind that 80 pounds extra weight. Now over weight Jennifer Hudson is a thing of past and she ensures that her past does not screw up her present by clinging to healthy eating habits and work out regime.

Losing weight is indeed hard but by maintaining her weight loss she makes those hard training sessions worth it. If anyone would ask Mr. Mirror – hey mirror, mirror on the wall – who is slimmest of all? It would firmly reply, Jennifer Hudson it is. Hudson’s weight loss could not go unnoticed by people as she looks ravishing. Jennifer Gorgeous Hudson that is hell of a weight loss.

Childbirth brought her Back to Healthy and Fit Life

Four days after giving birth to her tot in August 2009, she decided to be stern about her health and fitness. Childbirth was a wake-up call for her. It was high time and she realized that she needs to be look a healthy, so that, she could set an excellent example for her son.

She decided to be an active super mommy and she wanted to make sure she adapts and nurtures healthy habits that her son could also learn and adapt from her as he grows up. She found her motivation in desire; desire to be the best mother in the world. She believes you become what you eat. “Your baby’s going to eat what you’re going to eat,” she told Everyday Health.

Jennifer Hudson’s Lifestyle

Lifestyle change was very impactful in her life. Jennifer’s decision to lose weight gave a kick start to her fitness regime post delivery. Instead of crash dieting, she explored potential avenues. Crash dieting was definitely not her cup of tea. She said, “It’s a lifestyle change, not a diet,” to Fitsugar.

Jennifer Hudson Watched her Weight with Weight Watchers

Jennifer Hudson was sure that dieting is not going to work for her. Her definition of diet is being deprived of indulgence in her favorite food. According to her, dieting equals to holding her breath. “Eventually you are going to be gasping for air,” as she told Everyday Health. She asserts that in dieting, “Eventually you are going to break and then overindulge.”

This compelled her to give a try to Weight Watchers for seven days. She was aware of the fact that it was easy to follow and one gets used to it. In any case, she would not have to say NO to her favorite food. After a couple of years, she lost 80 pounds and became official spokesperson for the Weight Watchers. “It taught me how to eat, how to measure my portions, and know what I was putting in my body.”

She was all vocal about the weight loss program as she always kept herself accountable throughout the entire program, even though she always had realistic expectations. For instance, immediately after giving birth, one might feel discomfort and lack of enthusiasm and energy. It is very unlikely that one will get up and work out, right? But good news is that you can start with paying heed to what are you eating. “Take baby steps, and let it work for you,” she added. “Think ‘I can’t run, but I can walk.’”

Jennifer Hudson’s Diet, reason behind Tremendous Weight Loss

“It is not a diet. It’s really a way of living that teaches you better skills. This is for the normal person who wants to look better or feel better, but who still wants to indulge a little bit. For years I felt like I could never have ice cream, but I can eat ice cream occasionally now,” as told Hollywood Life. She cannot control food availability so she controls the portion size. If hamburger is the only food option available, she surely controls the proportion and size as well. History repeats itself; American Idol Fame Jennifer Hudson adopted a plan with epic successful history.

It was based on valid nutrition and food values, to nail the success rates. For higher success rates, her diet featured African mango, garcinia cambogia extract, raspberry ketone, and pure green coffee bean extract. She actually likes to cook her own food. Prepackaged food – is a big NO for her. Chicken grilled with no sauce, fish grilled with no butter, vegetables steamed instead of sautéed and turkey burger worked wonders for her, so did the principles of moderation in eating.

She resisted her all temptations towards extra calories. She was on the five factor diet which is the superb creation of Harley Pasternak, a celebrity trainer. It includes complex carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, water and fats.

Jennifer Hudson’s Workout Routine, a Wow Factor of Her Fitness

Jennifer Hudson got her sexy bombshell figure with time-saving and fat-burning workout sessions. 25-minute 5 Factor workout gives her the figure to die for. She gives her time to circuit-training routine of cardio for 25 minutes, lunges, shoulder presses, dumbbell squats, curls, press, triceps extension, plank, side plank and she does abs exercises five days in a week.

Eventually she increased her time to 50-minute routine with extra 25 minutes of cardio. She prefers to keep her work outs intense, she intensifies it more by loading it full with fun. “I love basketball. It is fun; you don’t even realize you’re working out. [You] just keep that metabolism going and just keep that energy up. That’s that cardio — you’re getting it in and you don’t even realize it,” told Fitsugar.

25-minute 5 Factor workout (As per Bliss Plan)

Time DurationExercise
First Five Minutes (0-5)Cardio like walking in a place, climbing stairs, jogging in a place, doing jumping jacks or using any type of cardio machine set on its lowest level
Second Five Minutes (5-10)Upper body exercises with weights and/or an exercise bar like Dumbbell Lateral Raises or Dumbbell Bicep Curls
Third Five Minutes (10-15)Lower body exercises like squats
Fourth Five Minutes (15-20)Abs or “core” crunches and twists
Fifth Five Minutes (20-25)Cool down which is to help the person avoid, or at least lessen, Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

Jennifer Hudson Posts her Inspiring Blog Post

Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson stays closer to the hearts of her fans and well-wishers by documenting her weight loss. She had a blog where she posted at regular intervals. Her progress was the basic idea in her blog posts. This let her fans and followers know about her honesty regarding her workout and, it also helped her to keep track of her performance. Her blog also featured her gourmet treats.

She shared in one of her blog posts that it can be hard to stay within the points of Weight Watchers program. Her blog received numerous comments describing that Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss serves as an inspiration for her followers to reduce weight. Now this sounds grand. It’s possibly the best thing she could do to her fans. It is an achievement to be an inspiration for thousands of people out there.

Jennifer Hudson’s Approach to Fabulous Weight Loss

  • Be consistent- It helps maintain calmness and composure.
  • Stay positive- This may sound cliché, but positive attitude helps a lot. Try it.
  • A great deal of weight loss doesn’t occur overnight, but it transpires only if you stick to your plan. This is the only choice you have. There is no shortcut to success.
  • Keep a record of your progress, so that, you get know about your graph on a regular basis.
  • Share your success- After you succeed, go flaunt it, brag about it but don’t shy!
  • Accomplishing your goals make you look like a superstar. We all know that but we just need to show the world what we can be.

(As told to ideal bite)

Elizabeth Josefsberg Spill out the Beans

Elizabeth Josefsberg, Jennifer’s Weight Watchers Counselor taught Jennifer Hudson how to measure the servings on a food scale. “Jennifer fully understands that there are no off-limits indulgences as long as they are portion-controlled,” told Black Doctor. She says that Hudson is allowed to relish smaller portions of her favorite indulgence in foods like pizza and sushi. Moderation is the key to health and happiness.

Jennifer Hudson’s Personal Trainer Harley Pasternak

Jennifer Hudson was advised to make best use of every possible movement, since she got personal attention from her trainer, Harley Pasternak, who is known for whipping the fat off celebrities. In fact he advised her, “If you’re talking on the phone, walk while chatting. I can see this because we could easily walk up and down our driveways while conversing with friends or folks from the office.” As told to Bliss Plan.

“Unprompted, she’ll start running when I’ve just asked her to walk! I think she looks fantastic. She loves the way she looks but she really feels great,” he said to Cynthia Pasquella.

Jennifer Hudson and the Weight Loss Surgery

Where ever Jennifer Hudson goes rumors follow her. Eye-conic weight loss of this Dreamgirl and Actress is being associated with a weight loss surgery. Chances are that she might have had bariatric or gastric bypass surgery. When asked if she had bariatric surgery to keep those extra pounds at bay, she replies that it is one of the most frequently asked and sounds most insulting question.

In a Huffington Post interview, Jennifer Hudson said “people somehow try to find a way to try to discredit you” saying “Oh, they had surgery.” In 2012 interview with Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Hudson admitted going under needles. She said it was indeed a cosmetic surgery for the lip job, not to lose weight. “I actually had to get my dent right here injected because it was affecting the lighting,” as told to Oprah.

Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss surgery may or may not have happened. One thing certainly happened, that is Jennifer’s weight loss. Inspired by his loving son, he not only brought happiness in her life but also brought health and fitness as complementary rewards. Turns out, little bundle of joy did wonders for proud mummy. She is not just a mummy. Now, she has been promoted to yummy mummy.

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