Being the heaviest amongst the five siblings, Jennifer had always been under her mom’s scrutiny when it comes to diet and weight gain. Ever since she was 15, her mother strictly made her follow a healthy diet to control her weight. She tried cardio overload, short term diets, calorie counting, Quick Weight Loss Center, Atkins Diet, phentermine pills, Slim Fast, Herbal Life and many other weight reduction plans at her teenage. But it went overboard when Jennifer got married at the age of 21. She started eating fried food, unhealthy snacks, cheesy and greasy sandwiches and more. When she delivered a baby in 2009, she was above 180 pounds! This brought about a huge change in her life with more pressure and mental stress.

Jennifer, who is only 5’3’’, continued to gain weight as she munched a lot of cheesy food and snacks post marriage. She did not care much about the weight that she had put on during pregnancy. It was only in the late 2010 that she noticed one of her pictures on Facebook, in which she could hardly identify herself. She was shocked to see how being obese has changed her. She told Women’s Health magazine, “I honestly didn’t recognize myself.” It is only after this incident she decided to reduce her weight with fitness programs and by following a balanced diet.

For about five months post the Facebook incident, Jennifer who constantly tried to keep a note of her calorie intake managed to reduce 10 pounds. This 10 pounds loss was never encouraging as it remained the same for the next few months. She then decided that just calorie counting will not help in effective weight loss and gave a serious try towards weight reduction.

Hitting the Gym

Jennifer had a phobia towards gym workouts but this time, she decided that she needed motivation and constant push. She signed on with a reputed fitness trainer- Eric Lee Salazar, in the mid 2012. Initially, her sessions with her fitness trainer were only on Saturdays. They tried to work out on small scale and later on decided to increase the training intensity.

Well-Balanced Workout

At first, Jennifer’s workout session at the gym on Saturdays only had sessions like lunges, squats, pushups and presses. When days rolled over, her trainer increased her workout intensity by adding some cardio exercises like run-combo, walking on the treadmill and more, which would last for about 30 minutes in a day.

When Jennifer reached 145 pounds, her fitness trainer introduced her to tough and tedious exercises. Her fitness training later had exercise session that would last for more than an hour and it was for about four days in a week. Her trainer targeted at muscle toning and fat reduction in a well-balanced manner. She concentrated at different muscle groups each day. By 2013, her weight was below 120 pounds.

Eating Right

Initially, she only tried to focus on eating protein rich food and she only counted her calorie intake every day. Later, she tried to balance her diet with the right diet plan that had a good balance between protein, carbohydrates and even fat. She ignored foods that are rich only in fat or protein. She also avoided eating too much of carbs for dinner, as they tend to digest easily and make her feel hungry often. The hunger pangs for sugary snacks and fried snacks were also checked by her that enabled her to achieve her fitness goal within a year’s time.

Weight Loss Rewards

Jennifer’s initial weight was 183 pounds, but with her constant efforts, she managed to bring it down to 118 pounds. This changed her life drastically and her happiness quotient doubled now. She could easily fit into any dress she find in her wardrobe which made her feel confident and cheerful. Besides, sharing dresses with her sisters has been a blissful experience for Jennifer, especially after she managed to lose 65 lbs. “Seeing how much you can inspire someone who feels lost, like I have felt in the past, is priceless,” she told Women’s Health Magazine.

Not only Jennifer is happy, but she also brings about a huge change in the life of others who are looking forward to reduce weight, by giving them the right advice. In the social media forum like Facebook, she advises her followers with diet, lifestyle and other motivational tips towards weight loss.

She strongly feels that everyone has six packs. Just that it is covered with fat and muscles for few. If someone could eliminate the fat and unwanted muscle build-up above their six packs, then they can be healthy forever.

Tips from Jennifer

It is of course challenging for Jennifer to reduce 65 pounds in a year. Not only her age made her actively participate in all her weight loss attempts, but also her mindset of accepting the weight loss challenge, along with keen determination. Here are some handy tips from her to all:

  • It is not mandatory that a weight loss plan must start from cutting down calories and then it must go till workout. You can start from anywhere like first starting to do exercise and then going for a short meal plan.
  • Never stop yourself from eating what you like but eat less. Always pack cookies you love in smaller quantity just to control your sweet tooth.
  • When it comes to balanced diet, the number of calories does not really matter. Some food with just 100 calories may not be as healthy as some foods that are only 50 calories. So try including all essential nutrients within your expected calories intake.
  • Schedule a tasty diet chart with some healthy food like salads, slow cooked food and more that are easy to prepare and best for adding in any quick weight loss diet.
  • Set smaller and achievable goals to motivate yourself throughout your life.
  • Seek help from fitness experts and never hesitate while asking your diet and fitness related doubts to them. Follow their instructions carefully.




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