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Hottie Jimmy Kimmel overturned the fitness island with his “Hottie Body Humpilates”fitness regime. Late Night Talk show’s host reveals that there are two roads that can take you to weight loss villa – exercise and diet. Sip up the cocktail exercise and diet and get that sexy physique. After putting off his own weight, he started teaching whole America the right way to (offer) treat their body.

Jimmy Kimmel’s weight loss story spread in the media as fast as the forest fire. His breakup with the ex Sarah Silvermandid not keep him from appearing in his coolest avatar. On his talk show, she said, “People breakup and exes are going to bump into each other, they’re gonna cross paths, they’re gonna be on each other’s talk shows. It’s the cycle of life.” He is the center of attraction.

When it comes to putting off weight, he is the source of inspiration for Hollywood celebrities. He believes, eat well to lose weight. He lost his weight by employing this mantra only. Let’s see how.

Secret diet unveiled

Jimmy came up with a unique idea for weight loss. He says that one could easily reduce the calorie intake while engrossing in food just by eating in portions. Jimmy is foodie. From special burger (with teriyaki sauce) to Italian nonna’s marinara sauce, he eats all those mouth-watering and lip-smacking meals.

“I’m a natural-born glutton, I’m like a bear. I will eat berries or fish,” he told Variety.

Talking about his appetite, he chuckles, “I like to think that’s a result of me eating a lot,” in front of Variety.

Jimmy’s promise to make Americans healthy and fit

Jimmy aired a spoof after Oscars-special describing his “revolutionary fitness regimen” and his commitment to the eradication of America’s obesity outbreak. Spoof featured actresses like Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johansson. They flaunted their trimmed figure and showed their “before” weight loss pictures, in which their faces were Photoshopped on plump bodies. Beauties claimed to follow Jimmy’s ‘mock’ diet plan. “I hired a ninja to slap the food out of my hand before I could eat it,” said Scarlett to NY Daily.

Emily Blunt, January Jones and Rebecca Romijn were also featured in the spoof. They openly disclosed details of their failures, like troubles with unsuccessful diets before coming across Jimmy K Plan.

Stars can eat their favorite food. Jimmy K plan includes eating in small proportions. This is supposed to cut out their regular calorie intake, said Jimmy explaining his fad diet.

“My patented decalorizing physioreduction technology will give you ‘Jim-azing’ results in just six to 40 weeks,” he told NY Daily.

“Neil Patrick Harris” explained Jimmy Kimmel diet

Interestingly, he roped in “How I Met Your Mother” fame Neil Patrick Harris. In the spoof, Neil was sketched as the “legendary”doctor.

“Fattening foods are subjected to powerful slimming forces which strip away 80% of the carbohydrates, proteins and fats and divert them directly into Jimmy’s stomach, where they are digested,” says Neil. “The result is a total de-fatilation of approximately 80%,” reported NY Daily. Ain’t that pretty convincing?

Jimmy K Diet plan delivered at door steps

Kimmel says that his Jimmy K diet plan includes meals produced “by a team of profession chefs” delivered at actresses’ door step, with 80% already pre-consumed by him. The monthly fee is very low.

Kristen Bell boasts,“It’s a Jim-iracle!,” quoted NY Daily. Jimmy, this sounds very credible.

Workout to dump the calories

He sticks to a workout routine which is inspired by “Pilates.” He swears by Humpilates – the workout which targets the cardiovascular system. Jimmy sweetheart, if Pilates makes you this hot, swear by God that you will cling to it. Please do it for your fans. Your fan list boasts of ‘Hollywood Celebs.’How wondrously you have broken the monotony!

Assisting H’wood Celebs to cut out calorie intake

Jimmy’s “Hottie Body Humpilates”workout and “Jim-Miracle Diet” is helping celebrities to shed extra pounds. He picks one star at a time for his Jim-Miracle Diet. Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel, Emily Blunt, Rebecca Romijn, January Jones, etc., are some of the celebrities who benefitted by his weight loss program. They are controlling their calorie intake up to 80 percent. However, they are still eating whatever they want to.

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