Kevin Smith weight loss

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Kevin Smith weight loss

Kevin’s history about his change of lifestyle.

American actor Kevin Smith always had extra kilos, but this did not prevent him from making an excellent career. Most recently, he lost much weight and many fans were worried about this condition. Kevin never had complexes because of his figure; he spent a lot of time working and achieved a lot of success in it. But health problems led to adramatic weight loss. In February last year, Smith had a heart attack and the doctors advised him to remove excess weight in order to improve his health and reduce the burden on his heart. In order notto have heart problems, the actor has become slimmer and he will not stop more. His plans are to remove another 5 kg to get the perfect ratio for his height.

When Kevin took partin a television show, he had a very serious heart felt presence. Doctors said he was very close to death and this forced Smith to rethink his life and change some things. He came to the conclusion that he needed to change his lifestyle and pay important attention to his health. This man has ceased to be a charming fat man; he radically changed the diet and added some physical activity, which was carried out under the supervision of specialists. Kevin Smith weight loss and it was more than his doctors advised, but this improved his health and heart rate.

He wrote in his socialnetworks that he lost almost 22 kilos and this was a huge success. After a heart attack, the weight “jumped”, and Kevin decided that he needed to lose weight. In six months, he achieved anamazing result, which allowed him to improve his well-being. Specialists recommend Smith to remove another 5 kg, so that his weight was optimal for his small height.

Kevin did not have a specific diet, but after the hospital he became a vegetarian. His diet included vegetables, fruits, and sometimes fish. The actor got the necessary protein from nuts and soy. There are people who could lose weight when they ate only raw meat, but this is a rare exception. Not all eating habits can remove excess weight – it depends on the characteristics of the body, because every body is individual to certain products. Previously, Kevin’s weight was 116 kg, but after losing weight, this figure was 93 kg. Now the actor says that a weight of 88 would be ideal for him, so he wants to continue to do weight loss.

Kevin Smith weight loss

There was information that Kevin used the Weight Watchers system, where people lose weight as in the game: they get bonuses for a lost kilogram and give bonuses back if the kilo is returned. Also, the actor used the advice of Penn Gillette, who wrote a book about the features of the potato diet. Kevin did not like vegetables, but his daughter eats it every day. It was she who helped Smith rethink his attitude towards these products and Kevin began to eat the same vegetables that she had. His daughter is a vegetarian and she helped him create a varied diet so that vegetables do not seem like a very nasty meal for a person who does not like it. Training and exercise were contraindicated after a heart attack, but Kevin began to walk more in the park.

An important motivation was the deterioration of health and heart attack, but Kevin had great and important support from his fans and family. It helped him, it was an important factor. If he loses another 5 kg, his weight will be optimal, so that the actor will no longer have heart problems. Headmits that it was precisely hospitalization and the threat of life that made him change the diet, otherwise he would never have thought about it. Smith has many plans for the future, including film projects, so health has become an important fact for this.

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