Orange theory workout today


Orange theory workout today

This is a special training system, which appeared in Florida and became very popular. The peculiarity of such trainings is 60 minutes of the lesson, where there are three kinds of leverage on the body. It’s rowing, treadmill and training with weight tools. The load and intensity of each part of this training depends on the physical preparation of the person.

This is an excellent choice for beginners and professionals, so many people with excess weight decided to change their body with this program. Everyone can follow his heart rate on a special monitor. If the indicator on this monitor goes to the orange zone, then the calories start to be burned, and if it does not go there it means that you are not working hard enough and you need to ad the load.

Such trainings stimulate metabolism and increase energy, and the body loses calories for 36 hours after the first session.

Many people will ask how the process of training is going on here. The system is very simple – we subject the body to stress, causing the body a certain “harm”. This can be a microtrauma of muscles when lifting heavy things, oxygen deficiency in the cardiovascular system, a load on the spine and so on.

The organism responds to carry this effect; it grows muscles, increases the number of capillaries and the volume of oxygen transported through the cardiovascular system and more often does this with a reserve. This is a unique feature of our body, it makes reserves, so that next time with a heavy load it could withstand it and leave a reserve.

But such reserve and the admission of our body have a limit because a person can not immediately pick up a thing of 300 kg. Such limits of the body can be shown in the form of a scale with different colors. It’s like a traffic light, where each scale has a higher level of load, depending on the color.

This scale is an indicator of the body’s adaptation to various types of stress. Small loads allow our body to be in the green zone, there is no reserve capacity and the body works with its own power and takes the load well, without stress. This can be compared with a walk to the store.

If you increase the load, then the indicator goes to the yellow zone. There is an increase in the burden on the body, but it works with the reserves of its forces and here is an irrelevant adaptation. The next zone on the scale is red – this is a strong load on the body, when the body uses all its reserves and can have a stall. As a result, it can be injuries, stretching muscles and other not good effects. This is bad for the body and the athlete.

It is important to understand that the “general stress” to which the organism is exposed acts on different subsystems of our body at different levels. Not all systems can adapt and respond to the load equally quickly.

If the organism is loaded in the orange zone, that is, there is always a risk that for some of the non-main systems the load will not be in the orange, but in the red zone. And the weak link will break the whole chain, while the “main system” does not exist by itself – it works in conjunction with all other systems – nervous, hormonal, musculoskeletal and so on. If there are “weak links” among the non-main systems, problems begin.

There is a time limit not to calculate your strengths and jump in the zones. The load can be in the salad zone, where the ability to lose weight is zero. You can not calculate the forces and get into the red zone, after injuring yourself and stopping the entire training course. You need to know the characteristics of your body, in order to know what level of load can get a different system of its work. Orange theory workout today is very popular but it can have its pros and cons. Our body can adapt to loads, but we can not find that necessary edge. The indicator with a scale allows seeing this edge and correctly distributing the forces of their body.

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