Fall Out Boy’s front man Patrick Stump’s svelte body has added an all new charm to his personality. Music man created a buzz by cutting out 60 pounds. Patrick’s weight loss is not a result of mere trick, it happened because of hard work and dedication. His overweight has been an aspect of worry.

His weight loss has not only made him a handsome hunk, but it also rescued him from the complementary health hazards and risks of overweight. His health was doing him no good. Now, he is healthy, slim and confident. His hard work paid him off. It is never too late to begin with a fitness regime. Read on to know more about his legendary weight loss voyage.

Patrick Stump Health Trolling Over Weight and Carelessness

Patrick decided to put off due to excessive health problems. Poor body shape, asthma and diabetes altogether shook him up from deep slumber of ignorance!

“I was pre-diabetic and I had given myself asthma. I guess I still have asthma but my weight was definitely giving me asthma attacks that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. My blood pressure was crazy and my cholesterol was insane for a 25-year-old. I’m 5’4″ so I didn’t look like I was that big but mass-wise, I was really, really, really, bad. I was really sick. And you don’t really think about it. I was really unhealthy and it was kind of a confidence thing; I was like, ‘you know what? Screw it. I intend to stick around for awhile so I’m going to act like it and take care of myself!” He said in an interview to US magazine.

Eat Less; Eat Best in a Right Way

His diet is the major contributor to his weight loss and elevated confidence. Less drinking and portion control was the reason behind losing striking 60 pounds. He did not resort to extreme dieting and quit his favorite cold turkey, as it could have lead to sheer failure. He did not land into anything too strict to bear. He cut down the amount of food he was eating. Occasionally, he enjoyed fried chicken. “Portion control is the buzz word right now, but it’s just not overeating. It’s not any more complicated than that,” he told Aux TV.

Exploring the world in tours turned to be an eye opener for him. It made him realize how large portions he was taking. “I was at a fast food restaurant in Japan. I looked around and everyone was in really good shape, and I was standing there and I was fat. I was the fattest guy in there. I ordered a large, and it came out and the large was the size of a tea glass. In The States, it’s like two litres, or something. I was like, that’s it! After that, I reasoned that I’m 5’4”, my stomach’s probably not much bigger than my fist. At any given meal, I don’t eat more than that.” As told to Aux Tv.

“Portion control and exercise helped. I wasn’t Robert Downey Jr., and I didn’t have a severe drinking problem or something like that, but I did totally cut it out my life. I never really ate that bad, I just ate too much. It wasn’t like I had to switch to whole wheat bread or something like that. I really just had to eat less of what I was eating and I had to exercise more. It’s an ongoing battle, and it’s still something that I have to watch, especially with exercise because it sucks.” As told to US Magazine.

Weight out, Confidence in

His confidence was hidden beneath his plump bulges. Good looks are complimentary after losing weight. Confidence brings out the best of his personality. His strong will power enabled him to walk towards the right direction. His determination helped him to bid farewell to those extra pounds. Now, girls stumble at just one look of Patrick Stump.

“I think part of it is that it’s just where I am — you grow up and you change. It started because I was scared of attention so I reacted to it by hiding in plain sight kind of way. My fashion sense, or lack thereof, was directly related to how uncomfortable I was and how not confident I was. Yeah, and that’s crazy. I’ve never gotten hit on this much — ever! But I’ve been in a relationship for a while, and the girl I’m with definitely understands, and I’m really fortunate to have her to ground me. Confidence is attractive I guess.” He said to Amymarissa.

Workout Training Sessions proved to be good for him

Did you know that Patrick’s personal fitness trainer is indeed a magician for him? His weight loss is nothing short of a miraculous wonder. His valuable tips worked for Patrick favorably. The trainer made this music man burn fats and calories. He is still in awe of his trainer. His trainer use to make him run a lot. Running is the crux of his workout regime.

“I do have a trainer, which was really for weights because that was something that I didn’t know anything about and I didn’t really know that was important. But I got into it and it definitely has helped me a lot. I probably use a trainer once or twice a week depending on my tour schedule. And then I try to run everyday but my knees are really bad so I have an elliptical,” as revealed to US magazine. Patrick has a spell bounding personality, all thanks to his trainer!

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