Millionaire matchmaker Patti Stanger looks much more beautiful after losing excess pounds and with a perfectly white smile (learn more how to get yourself a pleasing smile at Her curvy and toned body makes her look fit. She openly admitted that she had gone through knife and had plastic surgery to remove the surplus fat. Stanger underwent an upper blepharoplasty, in which fat and skin was removed from the eyelids. Besides, she is injected by Botox regularly. All of this really changed her facial features. She looks younger and brighter than before.

She said in an interview that “I had my first breast reduction and lift five years ago. Then I had another one. I felt skinny and young again!” reported “I felt pretty and like I could go out, date and compete with all the young girls.” She told Life & Style magazine. She lost those 20 pounds by sprinkling a powder, called Sensa, on her food. This product really helped her to shed those extra pounds. Moreover, there were certain changes made in the diet and the workout sessions were regular. The new stunning slimmed down figure of Stanger has surprised the world. All thanks to the various plastic surgeries!

What made Stanger to lose weight?

Patti Stanger gained some extra pounds due to unwholesome lifestyle led by her. She used to eat everything she loved and there was no control on the calories intake.

Furthermore, the exercise routine was put aside which got her chubby. She shared “I have been known to tell my clients to make changes to their appearance and drop a few pounds to look their best and find a love match, yet there I was gaining weight on national TV,” she explained redorbit. She realized when was the high time to reduce weight, so she put in all efforts and they paid off. “What finally clicked is that I’m single. It’s not easy to date when you’re hefty. Besides I like feeling thin because it makes me feel amorous,” she revealed in an interview with Shape magazine. Patti then reduced from size 8 to 4. “I try to stay gluten-free at all times. I also have a trainer and stay as active as I can.” She said to New Beauty.

Her Diet

Patti Stanger made prominent changes in her lifestyle, especially food habits, to achieve this level. She took a note of the personal inventory in her fridge and removed all the junk. She threw out all the processed and unhealthy foods. The frozen foods which were loaded with fats and sodium were discarded immediately. The next change she did was to have a glutten-free life which also helped her to cope up with headaches. She was also addicted to Mac and cheese but gave up on all these edibles. She also eliminated bread and popcorn from her diet and started consuming Benefiber packets to receive adequate fiber. But she provided herself with one “cheat meal” per week where she indulged in her favourite foods.

Sensa supported in Patti’s weight loss journey

Patti tried many new diets but nothing gave the required outcomes until one day she tried Sensa. Sensa triggers your olfactory senses and helps you consume less. The brain controls the impulse to eat and not the stomach, which helps you eat in small portions resulting into weight reduction. She shared “I love food. I love to cook. I’m busy. None of these diets worked for me because I had to give up my favorite foods and that just wasn’t an option. Then one night, I was watching TV and I saw Dr. Hirsch [creator of Sensa] talking about this new product based on all of his years of research. I picked up the phone and ordered the Sensa Weight-Loss System right then. It was the easiest 20 pounds I ever lost,” she told PR Newswire.

“I’m always managing my weight with the Sensa weight-loss program. I love to eat but I hate counting calories, and I find that Sensa keeps me on track.” She explained in an interview with

Workout Regime

Patti Stanger also followed a fitness workout routine along with good eating habits. She took out the elliptical machine which was covered with dust and got very cautious and strict with the regime. She did not allow herself to watch television till the time she had not worked out on her elliptical machine. She explained to ifitandhealthy, “I started at half an hour, and I have built up to about an hour and 20 minutes.” She also loved doing “S Factor” which is a pole dancing workout and this kept her fit. She used to perform the Latin basic dance workout, Zumba, which was very intense and fun at the same time. She shared with Shape magazine, “I’m a dancer so anything related to dance I love to do. I also tried Zumba last week. That thing is tough! 15 minutes in, I was going for a water break. It wasn’t easy!” There was a strange piece of workout she used to perform. She used cans of soup as dumbbells to sculpt her arms and Power Plate twice a week.

“I was never a fan of working out until I fell in love with spinning at Equinox. I realized with spinning I burn all the fat and it keeps me at red-carpet weight. The better the music, the better the burn,” she told

The Fitness Mantra

Stanger kept a balanced approach towards her weight loss, and with the help of dieting and exercising, she achieved this remarkable change. The regular dedication to work out along with a balanced diet including natural, unprocessed foods helped her to reduce those extra pounds and attain an hourglass figure. Stanger said to nowmynews, “Focus on what’s most important in your life. If weight-loss is one those things, treat it like a job. Make it part of your everyday routine.”

She also started using powder called Sensa which are food flakes made from carmine, maltodextrin, soy, tricalcium phosphate, and milk. She lost almost 35 pounds in 8 months and she gave the major credit to Sensa. Stanger explained, “I noticed my body was changing and the weight was just coming off. SENSA® fits perfectly into my lifestyle, because I don’t have to count calories, eat pre-packaged meals or even stick to a traditional diet to lose weight.”

People’s take on Patti Stanger weight loss

After reducing those extra pounds, she was announced as the newest celebrity success story and brand ambassador of Sensa Weight-Loss System. Don Ressler, President of Sensa Products, LLC said in an interview, “We were thrilled to find out that Patti had been using Sensa with great success. Not only does she look wonderful, but she can also relate to the weight struggles that many of our customers face. We know her story and confidence will inspire others as they start their weight-loss journey.”





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