Celebrity chef Rachael Ray is in her best form. She has dropped two sizes of her denims. Isn’t that fabulously great? Who says that you have to be young to work out? Rachael is a live example, as she started working out and losing weight in her early forties. This is so inspirational and motivating. After her weight loss, Rachael Ray is effervescent. She heats up the room with her smoking hot presence. Her delicacy is not restricted, she cooks delicious, and she looks delicious as well. Her curvy figure makes her look magnificent. And her flat belly is the icing on the cake.

Throat Surgery, her Ultimate Wakeup Call

At the tender age of 12, Rachael gave up on looking at the weighing scale and she chose to embrace her body as it is. She loves sinful indulgence in food, and she has always admitted that. Since she cooks those delicious platters every day, this was obvious and pretty easy to guess. Her bulges were the consequence of her indulgence in food.

Celebrity author Rachael Ray’s throat surgery in the year 2009 to remove a cyst completely changed her life as well as her body, for good, of course. Surgery got her to the fitness land where she was able to fit into skinny jeans. Yes, you read it right.

Before surgery, she used to talk non-stop for 12-16 hours per day. But, after surgery, she was recommended to let her throat rest-in-peace for at least 3 weeks. It was certainly very hard time for her. To release some of her frustration of not being able to speak, she began hitting the gym with her husband.

“I didn’t start meaningful exercise until I was 40, and I feel really guilty about that now that I’m a few years into running six days a week. I really feel like I missed out a lot in my adult years.” She told to examiner.com.

Rachael Ray’s Workout Routine

Six days a week, Rachael wakes up to the soothing aroma of brewing coffee. She starts her day with running three and a half miles every morning. Her exercise routine starts at 05:50 in the morning and sometimes earlier, if in case, she has to appear on television for her chat show. To boost up her recovery, she started hitting to the gym too.

Initially, American television personality Rachael could not help but hate her fitness programs. She told People.com, “I used to think of the gym as a burden,” and furthermore she said, “I felt so much pressure to execute everything I have to do that I didn’t want any more pressure.” It was a matter of time, and soon she became eager to work out. Her weight loss is the outcome of that sweating and hard work she put in her workout routine. She runs 30 minutes. She does 45-60 minutes of elliptical training before doing circuit-training on Nautilus machines at the gym. Yoga and Pilates are a part of her fitness routine. Her love for hiking maintains her weight in a healthy way.

Her exercise routine includes various cardio exercises and strength training. As she told Weight Fan, “I started running 3½ miles every morning after throat surgery to remove a cyst last year. The gym used to be my adversary. But that has all changed. Now, I look forward to it every morning,” claims Rachael.

“I do strength work on the machines: biceps, triceps, the twisty one (I call it the twist and shout) where you hold on to the handles, the thing that looks like a chair without a seat that you hold yourself up on, and my personal favorite, the crunch machine. I really dig the machines—they’re like the monkey bars at the playground. Then I do what I call my bendy-stretchy and go home.

That hour at the gym is my recess from being Rachael Ray. Between my daytime show, the Food Network shows, my magazine, and my books, I’m always go, go, go! But working out is my time. That’s why I don’t use a trainer. I’d feel like it was about making the trainer happy, not making me happy. Plus, trainers want you to listen to them. I like listening to my music,” as she told Women’s Health Magazine.

She believes that just the physical benefits of exercises did not turn her into a workout freak. “It really makes me feel mentally so much more on point, so much more even. I don’t lose my temper. I don’t get lost in the middle of the day,” she asserts. “I just have a much cleaner, clearer vision every day and I can get so much more accomplished mentally by moving physically every day,” she shared with a Yahoo Celebrity.

Mediterranean Diet- Rachael’s Simple Strategy for Weight Loss

Instead of depriving herself of her much loved food or resorting to crash or fad diet, Rachael pays heed to portion control. “I don’t categorize food as bad or a guilty pleasure,” she says.

Rachael follows Mediterranean diet that comprises of plenty of extra virgin olive, salads and green vegetables. She drinks gallons of water to stay fit. To naturally clean her system, she follows vegetarian diet for a few days. She eats lots and lots of whole foods and generous amounts of her beloved EVOO, Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Rachael likes to have coffee in breakfast but insists that she does not consider good or bad pleasure by any beverage. For dinner, she prepares steak or pasta accompanied with a glass of wine. She consumes Acai berry as a supplement to her exercise. Acai berry is praised by Dr. Oz and Oprah. It has anti-inflammatory and anti- bacterial properties that help to get rid of toxins, cholesterol and fat.

Pasta or steak in dinner with a glass of wine is something she cannot refrain from. “I would never, ever remove that from my life—the most essential part of my day is a proper dinner,” adds Ray (as told People.com). So, she compensates it with a ton of salad and greens.

Her healthy hunger-fixing snacks to munch on are:

1. Tuna Antipasti Drizzle canned tuna (she mostly uses white and packed in water) with a little extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO) and fresh lemon juice. Slice your favorite antipasti (roasted red<202F>peppers, olives, and artichoke hearts). Mix them together.

2. Greek Yogurt Veggie Dip- Combine 2 cups non-fat Greek yogurt mixed with 1 teaspoon of ground cumin, garlic powder, and ground coriander. Add pepper, salt and half a lemon juice to taste. Serve it with assorted vegetables such as celery, carrots, and zucchini, for dipping.

Rachael’s “Non-Diet”

Rachael’s diet saves one from the expense, pressure and time-consuming chores of dieting and suggests a customized plan that works wonders for you. What all you need you do is keep track of what you are eating, take 3 meals a day and exercise regularly. Non-diet is based on “common-sense approach” to eating. Consume what you should and abstain from what you should not. Some of her dietary tips are:

  • Eat when you are hungry.
  • Do not repeat past mistakes that made you put on weight in the first place.
  • Never ever skip meals.
  • Be realistic about setting goals about how your body should look.
  • Cut down consumption of lip smacking fast food.
  • Drink plenty of water. Don’t replace water with soda.
  • Include fresh and raw veggies and fruits in your diet.
  • Indulge in moderate exercises on a regular basis.
  • Consume foods affluent in monounsaturated fats and lean proteins.
  • Cook your food in extra virgin olive oil.
  • Instead of completely eliminating your favorite food, intake it in moderation.
  • Don’t weigh yourself daily as it pressurizes you alter your weight loss goals.
  • Crash diets should be avoided.
  • Try different healthy and yummy recipes if you prefer a variety in your meals regularly.

One must be determined and self-controlled to follow Rachael Ray’s diet.

Flat Belly Diet

Rachael Ray’s flat diet is much talked about on her show. The Flat Belly Diet aims to trim down that extra flab from your belly, and focuses on consumption of ample monounsaturated fats (such as nuts, avocados, seeds, dark chocolates, canola oil, olive oil etc) with every meal. It discourages intake of saturated fats and sugar.

You should consume about 1200 – 1400 calories every day, and drink minimum 2 liters water, mixed with citrus, cucumber spices and herbs. This popular “Sassy Water” increases energy levels and reduces bloating and constipation. Initially, dieters should consume 4 meals a day, which should not include more than 400 calories each. However, exercise is optional in the Flat Belly Diet, but still it is recommended for best results.

Healthy Lifestyle- The Key to Achieve and Maintain a Balanced Weight

Rachael Ray was nocturnal before her weight loss, but now she follows the “Early to bed, early to rise,” mantra to stay healthy. Earlier “we’d stay up late having an extra bit of wine and deal with stuff at work,” says Rachael’s husband, John Cusimano. “Now we go to bed at 10:30 or 11. We sleep better and psychologically feel like we can deal with our days better.” Ray’s priority is not looking mystical when she walks on the red carpet- “I care about my general health,” she says—her husband admits there are extra benefits reaped and rewards earned. “I’m psyched to get her on a beach,” he says, “so I can see her in a bikini!” (As told People.com)

Rachael Rays’ Weight Loss Products

Variety of weight loss products have been featured in Ray’s shows. Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, and Svetol or Green Coffee Antioxidant (GCA) is endorsed by many experts and participants who appeared on her show. Garcinia Cambogia is an appetite suppressant which lessens food cravings; moreover, it controls weight gain. Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract is also an appetite suppressant, and Svetol is the green coffee extract brand which contains at least 45% chlorogenic acid with zero filler, no binders, and zero artificial ingredients.

Rachael Ray’s Show Sued By Overweight Teen Christina Pagliarolo

Christina Pagliarolo, who was a guest at Rachael Ray’s Show in April 2011, filed a case against the show for deliberate imposition of emotional distress and negligence.

At that time, the age of Christina was 18 years and her weight was 260 lbs. She approached the show with a strong determination to shed 70 pounds. She shared on the show that just because of her weight, she had to go through bullying, and set all her hopes on Rachael Ray that she could help her transform her life. She says that the trainer did not treat her nicely during the sessions. He yelled and screamed at her which made her feel humiliated, anxious, and threatened.

Pagliarolo highlights particularly one incident when the trainer Eric Viskovicz forced her to work on Stairmaster and increased the speed despite her pleading to stop it. Eventually, when she fell off the machine, he again yelled and screamed at her. (As told US Magazine.)

Rachael Ray’s Weight Loss Tips

Rachael Ray insists that you should not weigh yourself all the time. Don’t fall in the trap of number games. She encourages everyone to eat whatever they love and do everything one can to keep stress at bay.

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