Sam Smith weight loss


Sam Smith weight loss

We know Sam Smith as a famous and popular singer who has already been successful in the music industry. He took all the major “Grammy” rewards, sang on “Oscar” and became one of the most influential musicians in the pop world. He is the idol of many people and has a large fan base. What could give the point for weight loss if the singer already had a lot of fans and success? First, it was multiple comments, where people wrote about his imperfect figure.

They said that he could become better, because he is popular and can afford to work on his body. Sam did not pay attention to his excess weight, but the opinion of his audience made him rethink it. Sam decided to start the process of losing weight after he saw his pictures from a holiday in Australia.

He looked at these photos and realized that he looked larger than his friends. “I just hated myself. I do not want to be a perfect pop star, I’m far from that. But I saw these photos and thought: I just hate the way I look, “Sam said. This was for him a motivation – he wanted to be the best for his friends, family and fans, so he began to look for ways to properly and gradually remove excess weight.

On the red carpet of the Grammy-2016 ceremony, Sam Smith attracted more attention than Lady Gaga in the makeup of David Bowie because in a matter of months he lost more than 25 kilos and radically changed. Of course, journalists could not ignore such a sensation and they asked Smith what was his secret. “I just did not eat, like a pig – that’s all I do”, Smith said with a laugh. “It’s very, very difficult, really. I really love delicious food, so this is a constant struggle. It will always be a struggle, but I do everything in my power”.

Sam Smith turned for help to the highly paid “star” nutritionist Amelia Freer; he asked also for advice from Beyonce and decided to change himself. “I spoke with Beyonce about the diet, and she gave me a lot of valuable advices,” said Sam Smith. There are a couple of secrets from the “star” dietician – start the day with a plate of broccoli and lean on a frozen broth of herbs in ice cubes. The advice of a star dietitian was so effective that the singer made a real confession of Amelia Freer’s love in Instagram: “Three weeks ago I met a woman who completely changed my life. Amelia Freer helped me to lose 6 kg in two weeks and completely changed my attitude to food. Everyone should read her incredible book. I love you, Amelia. Thank you for making me feel good inside and out. ”

Not everyone can change weight – many factors stop us. Psychologists say that you need to set an effective aims, break it into stages and move to it gradually. Making you to lose weight is unreal. Just go to the aim step by step. Sam Smith weight loss, he was able to make his figure better and many are proud of his action.

It is impossible just to force you to lose weight! This is contrary to your will by nature, you are not a child, but a person capable of thinking, thinking and drawing conclusions from your own actions. You are sure to find a lot of reasons not to start your weight loss. But to start losing weight meaningfully, it is real and possible, while you will definitely reach your goal. Sam had an one reason then the next and the next, they all collected together and he decided to act.

Now he is a handsome young man who is successful, slim and coveted for millions of fans. They like not only his songs, but also his character strength, which allowed him to take control of his body and make it better. Sam’s story is not the only one when a person finds the motivation necessary for him and decides to radically change his figure and make it better.

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