Should you eat before or after a workout?


Should you eat before or after a workout?

Some experts say that physical exercises are the best in the morning, others tend toward evening training. Conducted medical research did not give an accurate answer to this question. There is a popular version that training in the morning helps suppress hunger and achieve the main famous goal of losing weight. Others are confident of the benefits of evening sports, because this time of the day is more favorable for improving their results. However, it is wrong only to talk about physiology, because there are a set of social and psychological factors that confirm better to train in the morning. Make a workout after you wake up is not an easy task, but over time the body will get used to training after awakening. As soon as you wake up and going to training, you should drink a glass of water to activate the internal organs.

You can get rid of excess fat only in one case: if you spend more calories than you receive it during the day. In case of shortage of calories, you will lose weight, but not for long: your body will eventually metabolize according to the amount of calories it receives, and the process of fat release will stop. As a result, your metabolism would be even slower than it was before. So, what should you know if you have question – should you eat before or after a workout?

If your aim is to remove excess fat, you better not eat anything within two hours after training; here you can drink only water. The thing is that the fat burning mechanism, launched during exercise, will work for a couple of hours after. The body continues to use its own fat as a source of energy, and if you eat something at that time, then give it an alternative source of energy, stopping the process of fat burning. As a result, the effect of training will be exactly the same as what you reached directly during the workout, no more and no less.

It is better to eat 2 hours after a morning or afternoon workout. Of course, the diet should not contain any kind of fatty foods: fat will prevent the intake of proteins and carbohydrates from the stomach into the blood. Also, exclude any harmful food like chips, crackers, sweet soda water – this should be completely excluded from your diet, regardless of whether you train or not on this day. Improper diet can destroy all your results from the training process, and the harmful calories go into fat at the waist, arms, sides and hips.

The first meal after a morning or afternoon workout must necessarily contain protein and fiber. For breakfast, the perfect will be green cocktail with the addition of sprouted cereals, for example, green buckwheat, or even the humble wheatgrass, where there is necessary protein. You wouldn’t find many who’d corroborate the myths about wheatgrass powder and juice, because the benefits it has to offer are simply immense. Greens are an ideal source of proteins, including essential ones: it contains 9 essential amino acids for the body and is easily digested. For dinner, take any lean meat or beans with a large portion of salad with fresh vegetables and herbs. Refuel salad with avocado, because one avocado contains about 10 g of protein. Also add seeds to the salad, it is another valuable source of protein.

The main thing to remember is that your diet should contain on average 60% carbohydrates and 40% proteins after a cardio load. So fantasize with the right products and be in great shape! If for some reason you can not exercise on an empty stomach (the head is spinning), it does not matter: 30-40 minutes before training, eat something light, but carbohydrate – it can be coffee with a banana or tea with bread. Your health and your beauty depend on proper nutrition and regular exercise. Do not load your body at once, do everything gradually and you will be beautiful, slender and fresh.

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