Tom Kerridge weight loss diet


Tom Kerridge weight loss diet

Tom Kerridge is a famous chef who has his own TV show on the British channel. He was able to lose many kilos and now you can hang his photo before and after on your refrigerator. It’s incredible! Tom looks slim and takes a photo with his past trousers. We can say that this man lost almost half of his weight – can you believe him? Is it really sounds incredible? When he was 40, he realized that his body should be changed and the appearance could be the first stage. Tom has a small pub, the popularity and respect of colleagues – but the obesity must be removed. Kerridge wondered what will be with his body and his health by the age of 80, so he decided to take control of his excess weight.

Tom told the press that alcohol is the first thing you need to clean if you want to look slimmer. He has a pub, so he knows what alcohol is and there is a small expert in tasting. But the first step was the rejection of alcohol. If you drink alcohol every day, it will add to you a few hundred calories. Alcohol slows the body metabolism, and stops the process of burning fat – this does not help get rid of excess kilos, this will lead to its appearance. The second step is carbohydrates. You can count how much you consume it per day. It must be remembered that sugar also has a lot of carbohydrates. The third advice from Tom Kerridge is the choice of activity. The body must move so that the metabolism could be better and oxygen enters the bloodstream.

An important step on the way to a slim body is the regime. This means that you need to make a mode for diet, sleep and activity. Calories should be wasted, because you get more every time with food. Losing weight is the slow process of burning calories that you have eaten during the day. A proper and nutritious diet can be low-calorie, but excess calories can also be removed. Tom gets up very early and goes to the pool – he chose swimming as his favorite way of activity. You can choose any other: yoga, fitness, swimming, jogging, walking a few km or dancing. Find what you can love and each lesson will be a hobby for you, not an exhausting exercise. We can draw a conclusion, according to the advice and results of Tom.

Tom Kerridge weight loss diet

For a slim and healthy body, you need to make three points:

  • 1) Give up alcohol.

Now could you imagine your nice evening without a big glass of cold fresh beer. Alcohol has many calories, especially if you drink a lot. Only one glass of wine has about 200 calories. We can make a comparison: one glass of wine = one piece of cake = one hour of swimming in the pool. Your body can not be slim if you have drunk a couple of glasses of beer, ate a shish kebab or cake with a glass of wine.

  • 2) Find an active hobby.

Hobbies can be different, but we’re not talking about collecting stamps. Choose an interesting active hobby. Go for dancing or swim in the pool, buy a bike or go to the park for 30-40 minutes. You should not need visit the gym and scare your body with terrible and violent simulators. After a heavy workout, the muscles are very sore and people refuse their desire to be slimmer. Find a hobby for your lush and the process of losing weight will become very enjoyable.

  • 3) Reduce the level of carbohydrates.

Start your day with eggs, tomatoes, low-fat cheese, greens or mushrooms. If you do not know how to remove carbohydrates, then first remove the potatoes from your diet.

Tom’s diet is simple; everyone can choose it for himself. He was able to make his body slim, why can not you try it? Tom’s advice is not complicated, but we could see its incredible and effective result. Maybe these simple tips can not be called a full-fledged diet. But this is very simple.

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