Weight loss diet


Weight loss diet

Diet is one of the most common methods for dealing with obesity. Many people choose very strict diets because they want to remove the extra kilos very quickly. But all diets are safe for our health? Do all diets fit different people with their body characteristics? For weight loss, people generally turn to use rigid diet plans and weight loss programs rather than surgical treatment, which truth be told are healthier alternatives which help to lose weight without causing any harm to the health. To get rid of unwanted kilos, you can use any type of weight loss diet, as they all remove the debris and toxins from the body, and the body gets into such conditions when it has to burn fat, and the excess weight goes away. As a trainer, I always advise my clients to look up http://prodiets.org/nutrisystem-vs-jennycraig/ cause, till today, I still use them personally to maintain my fitness as well. 

All diets such as for weight loss are divided into 3 categories:

• changing the mode;

• limitation of the menu;

• limiting the amount of food.


Kinds of diet for weight loss are divided into several types of methods to combat excess weight:

  • Low-calorie type of diet
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It is the best and safest type of diet, because it works on reducing the amount of calories the body receives. This type of diet is very good, it is the most safety. But at the end of the diet, if you return to the previous food mode, the excess weight will return and even more. This is happen due to the fact that our organism gets a reduced number of calories and changes its metabolism in such way that for its normal work this number of calories was enough. The body reduces energy expenditure on mood, thinking, cheerfulness, activity, efficiency, brain work, health of hair, body, sexual activity and so on.

  • Separate food

Here you should not to eat together foods that have a bad effect on the body, neutralizing the acids that the organism secretes for digesting these substances. It is a diet without huge stress, but it completely separates consumption of fats, of proteins and carbohydrates and it can disrupt the function of the digestive system.

  • Balanced diet

The best variant of a diet of a rational food – is using of natural fresh products and refusal of half-finished products, chemicals and preservatives in food. This diet built on not only to reduce weight, but it also has a very good effect on health. But, it is more important not a diet, but a way of your life.

  • Monodiettes

In this type of diet, the basic rule is a strong restriction in the menu. Monodiets are based on a single product, but sometimes it is on certain products. Such diets include diets on kefir, fruits, buckwheat, cabbage and others. The imbalance in the menu begins the process of fat burning, and the special properties of the products that are used in this form allow you burning fat in an accelerated mode by stimulating the work of intestine, taking off fluid from the body and choleretic action. 

  • Restriction of fat

A symbiosis of low-calorie type diets and monodiets suggests a rejection of fatty foods. This type of diet does not give fast results, but it is the most gentle and quiet method of losing weight – in a month you can lose about 2 kilograms. Our body and mind with this type of diet suffer at a minimum. The big plus of this type of diet is that the results obtained will be kept for a maximum period.

  • Low-carbohydrate type

This kind of diets deprives the body of the main fuel – carbohydrates, causing it to burn fat cells. But if, in parallel with changing the diet, you will not do exercises, then the body will not burn fat. If after a diet to return to the old way of life, then the weight will return too. 

There are many different diets for different types, so one can not tell you one the most effective. Each organism has its own characteristics, so you can distinguish 3 basic diets that are used not only by ordinary people, but also by Hollywood stars. The advantages of these diets are the availability of products and the variety of foods that need to be properly combined.

American diet

The main advantage is that the American diet does not give a rigidly prescribed menu. It allows you to choose products on your own and restricts only their quantity, eaten per day. But such a diet requires a fairly high level of consciousness and self-discipline, since there is a risk of succumbing to and eating something that is not allowed. The menu on the American diet should be as varied as possible, especially since it allows a wide range of products to be consumed. Sugar is completely excluded from the diet, and salt with restrictions, as it causes fluid retention of the body and the process of losing weight will go much slower. Under the ban during the American diet, are all alcoholic beverages, any soda, juices from cans and sachets fall. If you do not have a stomach problem, vegetables and fruits are preferably eaten with a peel – it contains a lot of coarse plant fiber, which works like a brush, cleansing the intestines and stimulating its peristalsis;

Finnish diet

This technique was offered to the world by Finnish nutritionists. It does not provide too fast results, but over a year can carry more than 20 kg of excess weight. Bribes ensure the supply of the right amount of nutritious elements, and in addition, it also forms the correct eating behavior. Such a diet provides a health and cleansing effect. The main principle of the diet is conditional separation of the dish into 3 parts. Half of the plate should be taken for vegetables (fresh, boiled, stewed) with the addition of a small amount of vegetable oil. The other half of the plate is divided in half: the first part is filled with garnish (porridge, pasta from coarse flour), the second part is taken for lean protein foods.

Tibetan diet

Following this diet you need to give up animal fats and meat – 1-2 weeks will have to eat food of vegetable origin and low-fat protein products. Lunch should contain fish and seafood. Dinner is based on cereals and dairy products. Nuts, seeds, dried fruits, freshly prepared juices act as snacks. The daily calorific value of food: 1200-1300 kcal. During the day you need to drink 2 liters of pure water.


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